The Sounds Of Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures
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There is more to this world as we might see. For centuries, people believed that we share this world not just with other humans, plants, and animals, but with mythical creatures as well.

On, our users seem to fancy all kinds of otherworldly, ancient and mystical creatures as well. They have created so many audio atmospheres dedicated to different beasts and animals, that it was about time we had a closer look at their favorites!


Ambient Mixer’s Mythical Creatures

Every country, every culture, has their different legends, stories, and fairy tales. And they are filled with beasts, monsters, and helpful little creatures. While some are very specific to a certain area or culture (i.e. the chupacabra of South America and Mexico, Ireland’s banshee, or the Japanese kappa), others are known worldwide.

Many of these popular creatures got the Ambient Mixer treatment by our users. Below is a list of the eight most popular! The numbers represent the number of mixes that can be found when searching for the individual creature as of May 2018.


1. Werewolves

In the last years, the popularity of werewolves has slowly declined. This is also apparent on Ambient Mixer, where only 77 ambient noise mixes show up when you search for “werewolf”.

Werewolf Night Phase

Night Of The Wolf

Jack the Werewolf


2. Goblins

Goblins, these mischievous little creatures, rank only slightly better than their canine associates. Under 100 mixes can be found when searching for these magical beings.

Goblin Barracks

Goblin’S Cave

Goblin Island


3. Vampires

As of May 2018, a little more than 100 ambient mixes exist dedicated to this bloodsucking species.

Dracula’s Dungeons

Dining With The Count

Stalking Vampire


4. Fairies

Far less fear-inducing than vampires are these small and chirpy little creatures. The mostly gentle and nature-loving spirits are featured in more than 160 mixes.

Fairy Atmosphere

Fairy Moon Wood

Night in Pixie Glen


5. Mermaids

Those hybrids between fish and (more or less) gorgeous women (and men) garnered quite a following on Ambient Mixer, especially recently. Almost 200 audio atmospheres were created for their songs, deep caves, and wondrous underwater worlds.

Mermaid Lagoon

Ship Wreck

Mermaid Hideaway


6. Zombies

These undead former humans are typically rather slow, so who knows when they might catch up to the first spot. For now, a little less than 250 ambient noise mixes depict the slow, decaying threat of the walking dead.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Outbreak Survival

Walking In A Swamp


7. Ghosts

Runner-up to the number one spot is another undead species. Ghosts come in many different shapes and forms. Many of them found a new home in almost 300 ambient noise tracks dedicated to them.

Ghost Town

Child Ghost In Creepy Mansion

Haunted Room


8. Dragons

This might come as a surprise to some. Looking at how wide-spread the lore of dragons is all over the world, however, the popularity of dragons makes sense. A total of 530 mixes were created with these scaly, fire-breathing, huge creatures in mind.

Dragon Cave

Dragon Attack The Village

A Girl And Her Dragon


The Lesser Known Mythical Creatures

Not all mythical creatures get as much love as the ones above from the Ambient Mixer audience. Some are quite difficult to find even. This is true for most of the more culture-specific creatures, such as those of the Irish, African or Japanese mythology. But even some otherwise “popular” beasts are far less featured than their associates from above.

A search for one of the – at least in recent pop culture – most famous creatures falls relatively short. Less than 10 ambient mixes could be found that are dedicated to unicorns!


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