Expand Your Music Library With Unknown Music

How to expand your music library with unknown music
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All of us have our favorite radio stations or music shows we listen to and watch from which we get our music from. Our local radio stations or video music channels bring us the latest music and artists around. The only bad thing about that is that often times, you end up hearing the same songs over and over again. The reason for this is that producers or radio station owners end up choosing only a certain few songs from the millions of tunes sent to them.  But do you ever wonder whatever happens to that music which the producers ignore? Surprisingly, a lot of people think that the reason the music doesn’t ever make it to airwaves, is because it’s not that good. However, that is not always the case. In fact, much of the music sent to them is actually very good. Be that as it may, most radio stations only play the same 20 or so songs again and again most of the day.


Why So Few Choices On The Radio?


One of the reasons there are so little choices in the radio stations or mainstream media is due to consolidation. A few decades ago, the music industry had about 50 plus companies that owned the media. However, as it stands now, there are only six companies that control more than 90% of the media. They are Time Warner, Disney, GE, Viacom, and Newscorp. So in reality consolidation of the media is what has led to which songs get played and how often. Even though it is illegal, a song making it to airwaves and how often it is played vastly depends on money. The more money a producer or record company pays a radio station or music channel, the more airplay it will receive. In addition, connections also has a lot to do with this as well. The more connected an artist or producer is, the more likely his or her song will get airplay.


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Where Is All The Other Music?


So just where exactly does all of that ignored music go? A few years back, most of it would wind up being thrown out or never to be heard from again. Once in awhile, an artist or band would do their own promotion and the song would end up getting popular via street rep and street airplay. Some clubs had and have an impact on songs becoming hits that otherwise may have never been heard. Now luckily, for many artists, bands and producers, times have changed. The Internet and sites such as Youtube, Myspace or other social media sites, allow artists and bands a place to promote their songs. Those songs can now found or be heard a lot easier.


How To Expand Your Music Library


So can you expand your music library with unknown music? How can you find thousands of songs from all kinds of genres? The answer is online. There are now thousands of radio stations dedicated to songs such as these. They also offer a larger variety of music based on your genre. Online, you can listen to unique, never heard of before music. You can also buy CD’s and singles via MP3’s as well. You can also use hash-tags to find new artists, bands for videos and songs. So no matter what your music preference may be, you can now expand your music library easily. Millions of Rock, jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop songs are now available. You can also find country, gospel, folk or any other kind you can think of.


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Don’t let any one or few media outlets dictate what music you hear and how often. Expand your horizons, music library and taste by exploring the immense world of music available online today.



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