Different Water Sounds For You

All Kinds Of Water Sounds
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What do you instantly think about when you hear “water”? Is it soft rain on a tin roof? A thunderstorm? A bubbling creek or a roaring river? The vast ocean or a refreshing glass of water on a hot summer evening?

Whatever association water might awake in you, below you will find many different sounds about this refreshing liquid for all kinds of moods and situations!

Water Sound Atmospheres

For which reasons would you even need an atmosphere filled with the ambient noise of rain or waves? Oh, there are countless. For example:

  • Background sounds for writing
  • Bath masking
  • White noise
  • Sounds for sleeping
  • Soothing anxiety
  • Getting in the mood for reading
  • Replacing meditation music

And so much more. The uses and benefits are as plentiful as the water-related ambient noise mixes on Ambient Mixer are themselves. Let’s have a look at what our users created for different water atmospheres.

Rain Sounds Sound of Waterfall
The Perfect Storm
Light Thunderstorm
Steady Rain during the Night
Peaceful Study Room with Rain
Jungle Light Rain
and more
Hidden Bay with Waterfall
Island Waterfall
Waterfall in Forest
and more
Streams and Rivers Ocean Sounds
White Mountain River
Sanctuary – Forest Creek
Quiet River in the Rain
Hammock by the Creek
and more
Rough Ocean Waves
Relaxing on the Beach
Ocean Night Time
Ocean with Music
Ocean Thunderstorm
and more
Sounds from LakesBaths and Showers
By the Great Lake
Frogs and Crickets in a Pond
Sunset on Loch Maree
Lake House Rainy Evening
The Night Pond
and more
The Perfect Shower
Taking a Batch while it Rains
Relaxed Evening Bath
Prefect’s Bathroom
and more

And this is just a small selection of examples for some water-themed sounds. There are, of course, many more; such as fountains, underwater atmospheres, fantastical mermaid soundscapes, and and and.

You can think of even more? Might be that a mix for you already exists. And if not? Create your very own ones – completely for free!

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