Take Out Your Cloak, It’s Winter!

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Winter is coming!

This is not only true in Game of Thrones. Sure, it is still some time until the official beginning of Winter (December 21st in 2016), but we from Ambient-Mixer.com can simply not wait for one of our favorite seasons to start! At least in the Northern hemisphere. You people in the South enjoy your summer! ☺️

Temperatures are dropping. When you go out in the morning, trees and hedges are covered in freeze. The wind is chilly and smells like snow. Maybe snow is already covering streets and meadows. Sweater weather is over, now it’s time to take out your winter cloak and warm boots, gloves and scarf. Don’t let the cold bother you and concentrate on the nice and almost magical things about winter!


The Joys Of Winter

You are still not convinced that the approaching winter is a good thing? Then let us provide some more persuasion.


1. The Beautiful Scenery

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Everything is covered in white when the first snow falls. Forests and meadows look enchanted under this thick blanket of frozen water, but even streets and buildings and cars look more peaceful covered in snow. Many of us still link this view with our very first conscient snow fall as a child. It stands for fun, warmth, adventure – and if you preserved your inner child, you can still feel so today.

Defy the cold temperatures and go out. Grab your camera or phone and try to find the most enchanted and magical scenes.

Even when snow hasn’t fallen yet, the early hours of a winter morning have their very own magic. Freeze is covering hedges, trees, the roofs of cars. It is not quite snow, but the early harbinger of winter.

❄️ Winter Cave ❄️

❄️ Winter Walk ❄️

❄️ Winter Fantasy ❄️


A cave in the midst of a snow storm, with crackling fire and howling wind.


A forest in winter. Occasionally, you can hear birds singing or a deer call out.


A magical morning on a winter’s day. Wind, the song of birds in the distance and soft wind chimes.

2. The Calming Silence

Together with the snow, a calming silence spreads over the land. People stay inside more often, reducing the noise of traffic and crowds outside your window. Animals seek shelter from the cold temperatures and some birds even seek warmer realms. These and other sounds get drowned under a white blanket, or at least dampened.

After a loud and fun summer and a busy autumn, this calm is what you need. Take a break and allow your body and mind to rest.


3. Christmas

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Whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. It holds something for everyone, no matter if you believe in the story and traditions behind this Christian holiday or not.

Around Christmas, many of us are off work. It’s a time to reunite with family, to celebrate the love we share with each other. And, at the very least, you can enjoy the festive decorations and beaming lights illuminating the streets.

Christmas Party ?

Christmas Yule Log ?

Christmas Time ?


The sounds of a small Christmas party. The guest chatter, a fire is crackling and you sip a cup of tea while listening to the piano music play.


Santa is sitting in his cabin by the fire, going through his list. The sleigh bells of his reindeer are jingling outside while a cat purrs in the warm glow of the fire.


Soft music and a crowd chattering in the background. You sit by the fire and listen to the bells.


4. Cozy & Warm Clothes

Summer is the time of t-shirts, shorts and short skirts, bikinis and swimming trunks. In autumn, we switch to long pants, jeans, leg warmers and sweaters.

But now, winter is coming, which means we will add even more, cozy and warm layers. Wollen sweaters, padded boots, lined jackets. Thick coats with fake-fur lining, scarves and gloves and cute beanies. During Winter everything is focused on warmth. No matter if you care about the cutest coat or coolest boots or if you want to stay warm without paying attention to fashion, what’s a given is that you feel cozy warm in your thick, wollen, knitted or padded clothes.

And at home? Thick, warm socks, your favorite knit sweater and a blanket nicely draped over your most comfortable sweatpants. In Winter, all is allowed.


5. Staying Inside

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Another perk that is oftentimes overlooked during Winter is that you can stay inside without having a bad conscience. No matter how beautiful it is outside, at one point the chilly wind and crisp temperatures bring us all back inside. Not to mention all the dark and wet days that are not very inviting for a stroll anyway.

Everything looks less bad from inside anyway. A snow storm, heavy wintery rain drops – when you look at them through a window while you are all warm and tugged away, they develop their very own beauty. Stay inside and leave the problems and bad feelings to the rain and weather outside. Tug yourself in with a warm blanket and a hot beverage of your choice (we’ll always prefer hot chocolate). Put your feet up and binge watch your favorite show. Take a hot bath or make use of the open fireplace if you have one. And if not, pretend that you have one. ?

☕️  Toasty Inside ☕️

☕️ Snowy Night In A Cabin ☕️

☕️ Ravenclaw Winter Night ☕️


The wind is howling outside but you are tugged away with a good book and a purring cat in your lap.


Santa is sitting in his cabin by the fire, going through his list. The sleigh bells of his reindeer are jingling outside while a cat purrs in the warm glow of the fire.


The Ravenclaw Common Room in a stormy winter night. Study by the fire.


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