The Lucrative Combination of Music and Advertising

The Lucrative Combination of Music and Advertising - Ambient Mixer
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When it comes to monetizing, commercials and music are one of the most successful and most lucrative combinations in advertising. Commercials have been around for centuries as companies try to convince viewers to purchase their products.








The Power of Music & Ads


Businesses these days spend millions creating ads with a hit tune or song to accompany it. This is because they know that doing so can make their ad more enjoyable and watchable. Also, most viewers will feel as if they are not even being advertised to or pandered. Creating an ad with a hit, popular or catchy song is what most companies look for these days. Aside from making the commercial more enjoyable, they can also end up being a hit on social media. There have been numerous commercials were the companies only paid to have them aired a few times on TV. However, they ended up becoming very popular on social media and viewed millions of times on sites like Youtube. Whenever this happens, both the product and company win because they end up generating free advertising without paying for airtime.


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Commercials People Pay to Watch


While some of us may find commercials annoying while we are watching television, the fact is that ads are a very important part of our lives. Over the years, advertising has changed dramatically. These days, commercials have become part of the ritual many cannot wait to watch when they are aired on the popular Super Bowl. During this viewer attracting behemoth show, people actually wait to see the commercials. Because of this, companies are willing to spend up to $4.5 million for a mere 30-second advertisement spot during the game. Those are staggering numbers since that’s an average of $150,000 per second. Furthermore, the price for the same 30 second spot back for the Super Bowl back in 1967 was only $42,000. Companies compete every year to create an advert which will end up winning the war of the commercials during the Super Bowl. Doing so can guarantee more free advertising for them, shares on social media as well as buzz all over the internet. One ad from the beer maker Budweiser, which aired during the Super Bowl, went on to garnish 30 Million plus views on Youtube thus far. The ad was called “Best Buds” featuring a dog, his owner and some Clydesdale horses. Comments from viewers written after watching the commercial such as “I cry every time I see it” and “This is so touching”  prove that best buds is a big winner for Budweiser. In fact, this particular advert has also been shared millions of times as well.


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Who Sings That Song in That Ad?


Songs in commercials have become so successful for businesses that there are even sites which work specifically just to find the songs in the ads for viewers. Apps or sites such as Kistunes give the names and information about the artists and songs being used in commercials. Searches on search engines show the popularity of some adverts as millions of people look to find who sings what song in a certain ad. When combined together, a great popular song and a cute ad can be the perfect recipe for a successful advertising campaign. This is evident in the Evian Water Baby & Me Mirror commercial. This ad is so cute and funny that viewers cannot seem to get enough of it.


It is clear that the lucrative combination of music and advertising go together and will continue to do so for as long as they keep making money for the companies. So there are winners in this advertising game on both sides. The businesses make money from the popularity of their commercials and the viewers get to see great ads without feeling like they are watching one.


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