Atmospheric Pictures Of #Blizzard2016

On we are all about ambient noise, sounds and music. But images also create a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance. If you’re living in the US, especially on the East Coast, you have surely heard of if not even experienced the 2016’s blizzard that inspired the trending #Blizzard2016 hashtag.

For some, the rapid snowfall and falling temperatures were (and still are) a major inconvenience. For others, it may be a great opportunity to stay at home and take some time to think and reminisce. To whichever part you belong to, you should always make the best of the situation, even when it’s a blizzard like this.

In an earlier blog article, we have talked about the best snowstorm ambient sounds. Now, lets have a look at some of the most amazing, astonishing and atmospheric pictures of the blizzard that hit the US east coast in 2016.


#Blizzard2016 Images

Scott Kelly tweeted these amazing images from space on January 24th and 25th. This is a view you don’t get every day for sure!


The DWHA Magazine caught the beauty of the snow after the blizzard in this park in New York City.


CNN accompanied their financial news with this atmospheric image of a street in NYC, covered in snow.


As always, NASA goes a step further, bringing this satellite image of the blizzard over Washington, DC.


Linda Freeman knows what counts: turning an unfortunate situation into something you can laugh about.


Pictures from during the whiteout in New York City, posted on the NYC twitter page.


This is dedication: A soldier in Washington, DC stands guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier despite the ghastly weather.


On January 24th, the National Zoo showed that they had a lot to do digging themselves and all the animals in the zoo out of the snow. Unfortunately, the zoo remained closed on this day.


These NYC residents stuck together during the blizzard, pushing stuck ambulances through the snow.


Lat but not least, this video shows that people know exactly how to make the best of #Blizzard2016!


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