Winter – Shake It Off!

Shake of winter
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The seasons change once again. Grumpy and cold, by now dreaded winter is leaving us. Soon, the sun will warm the lands again, blossoms will bloom and nature will awake.

In the words of Taylor Swift “Shake it off”! The last traces of winter will soon be gone so get in the mood for one of the most beautiful seasons!


For this purpose, we have gathered some energetic and simply beautiful and fresh ASMR tracks for you!


Shake Off Winter

Spring!A Spring Meadow

As user geneseo2012 says in the description: “The birds are back!”

Spring is the time when the birds that traveled south during winter head back up north. The sound of a meadow filled with the twittering of returning birds.

Sitting Out By The Black LakeStudying by the lake on a spring day

Imagine you’re in Hogwarts! It’s a fair spring day and you are reading or studying out by the lake instead of inside the sticky common rooms. Every now and again, you can hear an owl fly by on its way to the Owlery.

Spring at Bag EndSpring At Bag End
Take a short, auditory trip to Middle Earth.

It’s spring in the shire and the windows of Bag End are wide open. Bilbo Baggins spends this day of spring studying with a nice cup of tea.

Rainy Spring Zen TempleRainy Spring Zen Temple

There is no snow falling from the skies anymore, but the possibility of rain is still there. This ambiance atmosphere brings you to a Zen Temple at a rainy day with distant thunder rolling and wind chimes jingling.

Spring SunsetSpring Sunset

The sun is setting on a spring day. Wind chimes can be heard over the sounds of nature. There must be a pond nearby, as not only the cicadas can be heard singing.


And now? Shake it off!

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