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Flowers of Spring
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Spring is the season when everything around us starts to bloom. Flowers, blossoms on trees, buds on bushes and hedges, young love… It’s one of the most beautiful things about this season. Fresh green and beautiful colors everywhere.

Hence why we wanted to dedicated this blog post to the beautiful flowers of spring. And, of course, to what we know best: ambient background music. While you wait for the first flowers to blossom outside, dream yourself into these flowery scenarios below.


Background Sounds Inspired By The Flowers Of Spring


Nature Atmospheres

With these ambient mixes it should be easy to dream yourself into the middle of a sunlit meadow, a beautifully blooming garden, or a rich and earthy forest. Just close your eyes and relax.

GrasslandSpring Meadow

Grasshoppers and birds are the only “music” you will need for this. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature around you. Birds are tweeting happily, enjoying the warm rays of the spring sun. Bees are already busy flying from flower to flower. But you have all the time to unwind that you might need!

Quiet Zen GardenQuiet Zen Garden

This atmosphere is perfect to flee from the stress of everyday life. You are in a garden, far off from traffic and the noises of the city. All you hear are the birds and the wind in the trees. There is a small pond nearby with a Japanese fountain that adds the sound of a bamboo stick clapping against a rock. Relax, meditate or simply take a break in this peaceful garden.

Warm and SoftSunny Forest Lake

Imagine you are sitting near a lake in the shades of a forest. You hear all the birds around, a nightingale singing, a woodpecker searching for food in the vast woods. It’s relaxing and calm, so take care that you don’t fall asleep to the wind brushing through the leaves overhead.

Japanese Home with Koi PondJapanese Home with Koi Pond

It’s spring in this traditional Japanese home. While you sit on the porch, you can listen to the birds sing. From time to time, the wind plays with the wind chimes you hung up or splashes little waves in your koi pond.


Social Atmospheres

Spring is also the time when all the small cafés and restaurants open their terraces and sidewalks again. Sit down, enjoy a cup of (iced) coffee and listen to the people around you.

Italian Sidewalk CafeItalian Sidewalk Cafe

With a cup of your favorite beverage in hand, it should be easy to unwind in this European cafe atmosphere. The rumble of conversation fades into the background as you feel the sun kiss your face and the wind tangle in your hair. The radio plays some typical music while the birds around add their own tunes to the scene.

The Goldfish CafeThe Goldfish Cafe

You know of cat cafes already, but have you ever heard of a goldfish cafe? While you enjoy a cup of tea or cocoa and only partly pay attention to the conversations around you, you can watch colorful fish swimming around in their big and vast fish tanks. The artificial waterfall, however, is what draws your attention in the most. Couldn’t you spend hours here, just relaxing, drinking a cup of coffee and watching the goldfish and other fish swim about?


Fantasy Atmospheres

The following atmospheres were inspired by flowers and the spring season, of course. But they also show many aspects of fantastic worlds far off of our own.

The Feat of FlowersMedieval Fantasy Feast

This mix depicts a medieval fantasy festival to celebrate the coming of spring. Imagine being at a royal court. There is a large crowd of people celebrating while a band of minstrels plays an upbeat and happy tune. Catch up with the latest gossip and just wander the halls decorated with all flowers of spring.

Garden Magical RelaxationMusic from a Heavenly Beautiful Magical Garden

This atmosphere has all elements of a beautiful garden – and more. You can hear the wind in the trees, birds tweeting above, a soft creek flowing through the flowery grass. what adds the magic to this special garden, however, is the sound of heavenly music and magical chimes.

Wildflowers and FluteWildflowers and Flute

It’s a meadow, spotted with beautiful flowers and buzzing life, nearby a river. You can either sit and enjoy the scenery, or walk around in a try to find out who is playing the beautiful flute tune you can hear.

The Enchanted GardenThe Enchanted Garden

This garden is not quite like all the others. You can hear a far away church bell ringing, birds singing and the splashing of a fountain, but there is more. There is a certain magic around, chiming and light. And you seem to not be alone.


Atmospheres From Movies & Books

Jace's Midnight FlowerThe New York Institute’s Greenhouse

From: The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones
It’s raining, but you can spend the night cozy and warm inside while still enjoying nature. Crickets and birds have found sanctuary in this greenhouse as well while you join Clary and Jace on their walk through the rich greenery. The rain on the glass roof adds an almost nostalgic touch.

Mei's Flower ShopMy Neighbor Totoro

From: My Neighbor Totoro
It’s a sunny day and you sit outside on your porch. You are writing something, maybe you are drawing instead, while Mei has different plants. Happily laughing she wanders through the sunlit garden, among grasshoppers and birds, and collects flowers for her little flower shop.

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