Colors Of Spring – Meanings & Effects

Colors of Spring
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Color affects us. While this was highly debated in the past – and still is – a greater effort in research so-called photobiology or color therapy is made. The New York times collected a few examples of studies, experiments, and theories on how different colors affect us. This is with regard to growth, well-being, battling illnesses, preventing diseases and much more.

Color Has A Powerful Effect On Behavior, Researchers Assert

Now that it’s spring, let us have a look at some particularly vernal colors!


Effects Of Spring Colors ?

Spring is the time when nature awakes, so to speak. Everything is fresh and alive and new. This is also represented in the colors that can now be found in nature. Opposed to the dull, cold, gray and white shades of winter, spring comes with a fresh and vibrant palette.

Below, we have listed some of the most prominent, basic colors of spring.


Fresh Green

Green must be THE color of spring. Spring is the time when everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Nature rejuvenates, the snow melts and everwhere fresh green pops up. Naturally, we thus associate green with the vernal season.

There is no particular flower related to this color as each flower, tree, and bush starts into springtime with fresh green leaves. Thus, all kinds of plants, from apple trees to blades of grass, cover nature with a fresh and new green shade.

Meaning of the color green:

  • symbolizes nature
  • stands for fertility in both nature and humans
  • “the color of hope”
  • a symbol of life and being/feeling alive
  • stands for a positive outlook & attitude

Negative associations with green:

  • can come off as unclean, dirty
  • represents envy & jealousy

Effects of the color green on humans:

  • evokes soothing and calming feelings
  • makes you feel refreshed & rejuvenated
  • helps in feeling alive
  • creates an atmosphere of hope and reliability

Colors Of Spring Green


Soft Pink

One of spring’s softer and gentler colors is pink. It can be found either speckled around cities or meadows during springtime or covering whole parks and streets.

The latter is largely due to the blossoms of the cherry tree. With their rich and soft pink and myriad of blossoms per twig or branch, they are able to paint whole blocks and avenues. They are not the only flowers or plants responsible for the soft pink hue of spring though. Peonies and camellia flowers blossom during spring and add to the slightly pinkish scenery.

Meaning of the color pink:

  • represents femininity in the Western world (but masculinity in, e.g., Japan)
  • symbolizes the gentle and tender side of love
  • also represents the love between friends & family members
  • seen as child-like and vulnerable
  • stands for optimism and hope

Negative traits of the color:

  • used to represent weakness & vulnerability
  • often associated with shallowness
  • seen as silly & juvenile

Effects of pink on feelings:

  • very calming & relaxing in small doses
  • suggests safety
  • generally regarded as non-threatening
  • evokes feelings of romantic & non-romantic affection

Colors Of Spring Pink


Warm Yellow

Yellow is a warm and friendly color. The one “item” it is most associated with is, of course, the sun. During spring, it almost seems like the sun changes its light from a cold white to a warm and glowy yellow. Yellow is the brightest color of the spectrum and the lightest color perceivable by the human eye.

But not only the sun adds a yellow tint to our environment during spring. Many flowers blooming speckle and lavish nature with almost golden accents. Around Easter, especially daffodils can be seen in flower beds and decorations anywhere. Buttercups and freesias are also among the most prominent flowers blooming in spring.

Meaning of yellow:

  • symbolize optimism & happiness
  • linked to creativity & thinking in general
  • stands for high energy, enthusiasm & fun

Negative associations with the color yellow:

  • very bright & vivid shades can induce anxiety
  • regarded as an attention seeking color

Effects yellow has on us:

  • helps with being creative
  • fosters the process of decision making
  • known for unclogging though processes

Colors Of Spring Yellow


Pure White

Isn’t white associated with winter instead of spring? When thinking about snow, yes, this might be true. And yet, it can also be a very vernal color!

After all, the first few flowers that poke through the harsh layer of snow are white as well, ringing in the warmer seasons. The one that immediately comes to mind is, of course, the snowdrop (I found that it is sometimes called snowflake as well). But other flowers like the lily of the valley bring a nice green-and-white contrast to the scene as well. And who could forget about all the fruit trees that blossom in spring? For example, apple trees have lovely, soft white (faintly pink) blossoms that can be seen far and wide.

Meaning of the color white:

  • symbolizes purity & innocence
  • expresses perfection & integrity
  • stands for new beginnings, even when used as a funeral color in, e.g., Japan
  • appears clean & hygienic
  • it’s a very impartial or neutral color

Negative connotations of white:

  • can easily be seen as sterile & impersonal
  • evokes a feeling of emptiness or isolation
  • appears sober & unemotional

The effects of white on humans:

  • makes you feel clean
  • appears neutral and thus also efficient
  • can inspire new beginnings, resembling a blank piece of paper

Colors Of Spring White


Rich Purple

Purple is the mixture of high-energy red and calm blue. Thus, it is often seen as the balance between the two as well. In nature, purple is rare and was thus is seen as a royal and rich color that not many people could easily come by.

Yet, there are flowers that come in all kinds and shades of purple. The ones that bloom in spring and are most associated with this season are crocus and lilac. Another gorgeous and rarer plant is the iris, a form of lily.

Meaning of purple:

  • a royal or regal color representing power
  • expresses luxury & extravagance
  • symbolizes wisdom
  • associated with mystery, magic and the mythical
  • often used in Christianity to represent pride

Negative aspects of the color:

  • darker shades represent depression & frustration
  • can come off as arrogant & standoffish

Effects of purple on us:

  • can evoke empathy
  • appear respectable & knowledgeable
  • exhumes dignity
  • sparks & fosters creativity

Colors Of Spring Purple



These are some of the colors that you can come across during spring. What you do with this is up to you! Re-decorate your room for a more vernal feeling. Or incorporate some of these colors in this spring’s wardrobe.

Which is your favorite spring color? Let us know!


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