Time For An Emotional Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
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Spring is finally here, at least on the northern hemisphere. The cold grip of winter is gone and everywhere trees, flowers and bushes are starting to bloom!

Unfortunately, spring is known for something else but the awakening nature as well: springtime lethargy.


We at Ambient-Mixer.com say: Don’t give springtime lethargy a chance! Start into this year’s spring all clean and fresh. And to do so, we suggest you do an emotional spring cleaning for you body, heart and soul!


Emotional Spring Cleaning

Lethargy, exhaustion, melancholy, tiredness: don’t give these feelings the chance to get you into their tight grip. They only hold you back and prevent you from enjoying the beauty that blossoms everywhere around you!

Here, we want to give you three tips on how you can start your emotional spring cleaning to cleanse your soul from thoughts and feelings that only weigh you down.


Zen & Meditation

There are many practices and techniques that are part of what we know as meditation. No matter which technique you prefer, however, the goal is the same: reaching a state of relaxation and consciousness;  giving you a better understanding of concepts of love, compassion and forgiveness; as well as establishing an overall better feeling and energy.

Take your time to meditate or try out some relaxation techniques or even autogenic training. This shall raise your spirits for the upcoming season of spring for sure.




Spring is the time when nature transforms from its cold, grey, brown state back into a fresh, young and green dress. Fresh grass breaks through the snow, small buds and tender leaves appear on formerly empty twigs and the first flowers of spring stretch towards the warming rays of sun.

You can contribute to this awakening of nature as well, even if you don’t have a garden or balcony. Spoil your house plants with some new soil and a new, nicely looking planter. Plants outgrow their old planters quickly, so look for a bigger one or even put some smaller plants together in one huge planter. If you don’t own any green companions: ow is the time to get some! They will give your apartment a fresh look and contribute by cleaning your air.



Actual Cleaning

Sure, we have talked about an emotional spring cleaning so far, but actual cleaning is also a part of it.

You have surely experienced how hard it is to concentrate in a messy environment. We’re not talking about an organized mess here, but about dust covering counter tops, full trash cans, dirty dishes and an overflowing laundry basket. When hardly a ray of sunshine comes through your window due to all the dirt tainting it, it’s time to clean up! Once you have opened the windows of your house, room or apartment and got rid of winter clothes, left-over Christmas decoration and all dirt and dust from the dark season, you will feel the change inside of you as well!


Emotional Spring Cleaning


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