How to Relax After the Holidays

It’s that time of year.  People have been excited about the holidays for months now and we’ve finally made it through. While there are a few people out there who really love the holidays and would like to see the holiday spirit and enthusiasm be seen for the whole year, some of the rest of us think two months are enough. After two months of being happy and listening to sleigh bells, jolly old Saint Nick, spending a lot of time with friends, family and in-laws and being surrounded by happy, uplifting holiday music, it’s time to rest. If this sounds like you, here are some great ideas for how to relax after the holidays.

Mellow Music

relax after the holidays
Image by B Rosen

If the holiday feeling you are trying to escape is the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or the feeling of too many parties and get-togethers in too short a time, listening to some relaxing music is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s a great way to wind down after the holidays to help you de-stress, relax and re-charge so you’re ready to go for the new year.

This is also a great choice if you want to spend a little time with your favorite new book or an old hobby in front of the roaring fireplace.  If that is the feeling you’re after, but you don’t have a fireplace, here are some great ambient tracks that include the crackling sounds of a fireplace to make you feel like you do.

Schedule an At-home Spa Day

Sometimes, the best answer to the excitement, stress and inevitable fatigue of the holidays is an at-home spa day.  You will feel like a completely different person after spending the day with a leisurely soak in the bathtub with your favorite fragrances and oils. You can also give yourself a fabulous facial and even schedule an extra treat of an in-home masseuse to really make sure you get the whole benefit of your spa day.

If you plan to relax after the holidays with a spa day, make sure to plan ahead. It’s definitely NOT relaxing to run around at the last minute to handle the little things you forgot about.  Plan ahead for the details, and that includes picking out the music for the day. Some of the more popular choices for a spa day are classical or jazz music, ambient tracks designed to help you relax or the natural sounds of nature.

Look Ahead

Another great way to relax after the holidays is to start daydreaming about the future, or more specifically, your summer vacation. After being cooped up all winter, the sounds from the beach, a camping trip or even a light thunderstorm can be an easy way to relax after the holidays.


Most people enjoy the holidays. It’s a great time of year and gives you the chance to celebrate with your loved ones. However, there is no doubt that it takes a lot of energy and most of us are exhausted when it’s all over.  Take some time to determine how you’re going to relax after the holidays so you can recover and be prepared for January!

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