Does Music Enhance Reading Pleasure

Image by r. nial bradshaw
Image by r. nial bradshaw

Have you ever tried this and do you like listening to particular tunes while reading a book or a novel? The bottom line is that any distraction even if it is just random sound that makes you slower. And no, multitasking is not a thing that can get your work done in half the time. We cannot multitask; you cannot be listening to the lyrics of a song and be reading totally different words at the exact same time.

But what if you do not need to concentrate on a song? What if it is just a tune that is buzzing in the background just like the humming of your fan or the sound of the wind blowing? Would you deem that distracting to you at all?


Some people find that reading and listening to music at the same time can be very supportive when absorbing the story. Ambient music is like the sound of a lake or this one of a forest works perfectly for such readers. Then there are those who already have a hard time reading in their rocking chair, you will find such book worms tucked in an empty bath tub somewhere completely absorbed in a book. For them even ambient music can be a challenge towards reading in peace.

Distraction From A Distraction

The first thing that a reader or someone trying to study is that he or she will look for a place that eliminates surrounding distraction. If you cannot get rid of these then listening to ambient music that replaces all that noise into less louder background sound.

If you have your headphones on then there is a less chance that you will be distracted by what the people around you are talking about.

Get the Feel Of The Story

When we read a book our mind automatically jumps into that world. We can see in our mind’s eye everything the author has described, feeling the emotions laid out bare of the protagonist, etc. When we listen to ambient music, it adds to us hearing it all too. For example, beating drums would boost the dramatic element of a story.

If you are not sure whether listening to music will affect your reading in a positive way or not, then you might want to experiment reading with and without music to see which one fares the best with you.

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