Make Your End of the Year Video Really Stand Out

Pictures are a great way to capture memories of your favorite events as well as some of the every day moments that end up meaning the most to you.  However, the truth is that it is now so easy to take pictures that we usually end up with hundreds, if not thousands of pictures every year.  You will never have time to go through those again! It’s time to start a new tradition – go through your pictures at the end of the year, select your favorites and put them into an end of the year video, complete with music to make it even more special. The best news is that this is really easy to do!

end of the year video
Image by Ralph Dally

It’s great to have a visual representation of your favorite moments from the last year, but why not take the next step and add an emotional element as well.  Adding sound to your end of the year video will truly make it stand out.  You will see all of your favorite moments, and hearing the sounds associated with them will take you back in time to re-live those wonderful moments.

All you have to do to make your end of the year video is to review all your pictures, select the best ones, group them by the event, add them to PowerPoint, turn it into a presentation, and add audio to your presentation.  That will give you an end of the year video that will provide you with a quick and easy reminder of the best moments.

Here are some of the images that are likely to be part of your end of the year video, along with some music suggestions.

Sports Pictures

If you have kids who are involved in sports, chances are very good that a high percentage of the pictures you took during the year are sports related.  Most of them will probably be action shots, but you probably also have some great pictures of the team before and after their games.  Sometimes, it’s the things that happen when the teams are just hanging out that make the best memories.

Whatever images you add to your end of the year video, adding some background music of sporting events will really set the tone for those pictures.

Vacation Pictures

If you took a vacation this year, you will definitely want to include some of those pictures in your end of the year video.  Adding background music for the sounds of a big city, a roaring camp fire or the relaxing sound of the water will be the perfect compliment to your vacation pictures.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are always fun to reminisce about.  Whether you had a spooky Halloween party (with your best costume EVER), a relaxing picnic for the 4th of July, or great times with your family at the end of the year, those pictures are a must for your end of the year video.

Other Events

If there was a wedding in your family during the year, use the first song as the background.  But if one of your family get-togethers during the year ended with one thing going wrong after the other, consider using the “chicken dance” song!

Now is the time to start your new tradition.  Group all of your similar pictures together and pick out your music.  Think about how fantastic it will be to have an end of the year video that showcases your favorite moments and memories.

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