Lift Your Mood With Great Ambient Music

lift your mood
Image by Rhys Davenport

Fall is an interesting time of the year. On one hand, it’s football season and there are great “sweatshirt days”. Yes, the temperature has started to drop, but that’s a good thing because you get to break out your favorite sweatshirts and be perfectly comfortable outside. A great sweatshirt is sometimes enough to lift your mood all on its own.

However, fall is also a time that can sour your mood. The days are getting shorter, which means much less sunlight. The temperatures are beginning to drop, which means the cold and ice of winter is on its way, and the activities that get you out of the house are beginning to come to an end. For many people fall is when they can fall into a bit of a funk. If you are in need of some cheering up, here are some great ambient tracks that can help lift your mood.


If you are a sports fan, sometimes simply feeling the energy of walking into a stadium is enough to elevate your mood. Try out these great tracks of crowd music to see if they can break you out of the doll-drums of the fall season.


For some people, the best way to break a bad mood is simply to meditate it away. This doesn’t work for everyone, but for many people  simply slowing down to clear your mind can make a big difference in your mood. If this has worked for you in the past, here are some great meditation tracks to try out this time.


In most cases, it seems you don’t have a choice except to be happy when you hear the sounds of a baby “cooing”. Of course, we’re not talking about babies who are crying, that definitely won’t help lift your mood. We’re talking about the adorable happy noises that babies make. Listening to these will definitely help your bad mood.

Purring Cat

A purring cat is similar to the happy baby noises – it’s difficult to be unhappy when you hear them. Here are some great cats who are perfectly content to lay still, and let you enjoy the repetition of the purring of a happy cat.


Sometimes being down in the dumps is simply due to feeling claustrophobic because you have to stay inside. Focusing on nature is one of the really great ways to lift your mood. The sounds of the ocean, a bonfire or a walk through the woods might be just what you need.


If your bad mood is due to homesickness, it’s worth a try to listen to music from the countryside or city, based upon where you call “home”. We also have some great tracks of happy kids playing that could do the trick and lift your mood.

Anything That Makes You Happy

If we haven’t talked about anything yet that you think might lift your mood, there are still many other alternatives. Just use the search box in the upper right hand corner of the site and search for whatever noise makes you happy. Chances are we’ve got it!

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