6 Reasons Why Broadway Musicals Are Great

6 Reasons Why Broadway Musicals Are Great
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If you have never been or seen a Broadway musical show, then you don’t know what you are missing. For those that haven’t, they may think that these events are overrated or not for them. Others may feel as though nothing beats seeing a movie. However, these 6 reasons why Broadway musicals are so great, may change your mind.

Before you say “what’s so special about Broadway”? or “what makes a live musical show so popular”,? there are few things you need to know. Do keep in mind that if the show you want to see is very popular, you may have a hard time getting a ticket. Most performances are sold out days or weeks in advance. Also, Broadway shows can be expensive, depending on the seats and show you see. Still, it is still an experience which can be worth it and will last a long time. Although these are some of the top reasons why theater or Broadway shows are so popular and great, there are many others.



Once You See One, You Will Be Back

Most people who have never bothered to see a Broadway show don’t know what they are missing out on. The truth is that a Broadway musical or theater event, is something that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Typically, the majority of people who go see theater for the first time, always end up going back again. Once a person experiences the thrill of live theater, they learn to appreciate it. And even love it. If you haven’t already been to a Broadway show, or seen live theater, go see one right away. Once you see your first one, it’s almost guaranteed you will be back for more.

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They Teach History

A lot of the current popular musicals you can see on Broadway or in theater, are based on historical events. Others may be based on characters or figures from the past. For the most part, the vast majority of them remain closely true to the facts or original story. You and your family can enjoy a musical, while learning about important events in history. Unlike typical learning though, this will be engaging, entertaining and fun. Before you even know it, the show will be over and you will have learned about something great from the past.

Musicals Tackle Social and Political Issues

Anyone who wants to watch social and political issues being tackled in a lighthearted way, should watch a musical. Broadway shows take on social and political issues, without being too controversial. The majority of musicals will engage you in the story, without being too biased or insensitive.

Live Musicals Remind People of How It Used To Be

Although we are living in one of the best times, history reminds us about times, when things were simpler. People often want to be reminded of times when things were easier to deal with. There were less social injustices, strife and chaos going on. The musicals based on past events, often take you back to an era when things were great. Or at least easier to deal with.

They Engross You In The Story

Broadway musicals or live theater have a way of immersing you in the story right away. That is part of their secret power since you become engrossed in the story instantly. The costumes, songs, dialogue, music, sets, choreography, lighting, and cast, will grab your attention. And they will keep you on the edge of your seat until is over. It is like taking a magical ride to another dimension. Once the show is finished, you will wonder why it ended so quickly.

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The Dancing and Singing Are Awesome

Watching a perfectly choreographed group of people dance and sing in a musical show is like nothing else. The singing and dancing in a Broadway show, are one of the best parts of the event. Once you begin to watch these wonderfully and entertaining numbers play out, you will want to jump out of your seat. The music will engage you and the dancing will captivate you as well.

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