Music for Funny Videos

How many times over the last few months have you sat down at your computer with a very specific purpose in mind and gotten distracted by funny videos? It seems to happen more times that most of us would care to admit. You’ve been entertained by these videos, but have you ever tried to make your own?

music for funny videos
Image by Moyan Brenn

If you haven’t, you should. And if you do, make sure to include music!  Using music for funny videos make them even better!

If you pay attention to the videos that you laugh at the most, they all have one thing in common – music. Here are some ideas for you to think about along with some suggestions on adding the right kind of music for your funny videos.

Capture the Video

Thanks to the popularity of smart phones, anyone can be the next Stephen Speilberg. Anyone can capture video of anything and everything that happens and if it’s good enough, you can turn it into the next viral video.

You know the ones, some of them are distributed by your friends, some of them are friends of friends, and some of them are the type of viral videos that explode one day and get 3,000,000 views when the right person sees and distributes them.

If you pay attention, things happen around you all day long that would make great funny videos, if you could just capture it. Here are a few things to consider video taping:

  • Pets – If you have pets, you already know that they can be wildly entertaining. Instead of just laughing as they chase their tails, try to catch a fly on the other side of the window or bark wildly at the evil squirrel in the tree, take a short video of it. Adding the right kind of music for funny videos to these clips will make them a hit!
  • Kids – Kids are even more entertaining than your pets because they can talk! It’s especially fun to videotape your kids to capture those amusing things they say and do because you can play it back for them as an adult!
  • Surprises – Another fun thing to capture on video is when you know someone will be surprised. This can be as elaborate as a surprise party, or as simple as telling them a meeting is canceled.

Music For Funny Videos

Now that you have a stockpile of funny videos, it’s time to find music for funny videos to put with them.

When you’re looking for music for funny videos, you have to make one important decision. Do you want your music to support what is in the video or contradict it? Either way can be funny, but it depends on the specific videos as to whether it will be better with one vs. the other.

If your video is of someone you know well, you might ramp up the reaction if you use music that is something they would NOT like.  For example, if you have video of someone who hates being outdoors mowing the lawn when something funny happens, a good idea might be to use music that is nature based because it is so out of character for them.

Here are a few options to consider.

  • Funny music – music that is classified as “funny” works for all occasions
  • Farm animal music – this is a good option if you have a video of a larger group of people
  • Circus music – this is a good option when you have video of someone or something that is doing something silly
  • Super hero music – this type of music is great for a video showing someone who is trying to do something super hero-like, and most likely having less than desired results
  • Outdoor – great for something that is happening outside, or someone who considers themselves an “outdoor” person

Those are some ideas of how to use music for funny videos. Now it’s time to get that video phone poised to take some great videos.

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