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Pokemon Go
Original images by http://bit.ly/2at8xpZ and Game Freak

Niantic and Game Freak couldn’t have chosen a better time to publish Pokémon Go than now. It’s summer, the sun is shining, the weather is nice and even during the night the temperatures are quite high. Unless the heat is getting too much, nothing should keep you on your ass anymore. Go out and catch them all!

While you are out hunting or admiring your latest catches and evolutions at home, why not set the mood with some ASMR pieces inspired by or created for Pokémon. Also, if you scroll down, we have gathered some infographics and guides for your successful Pokémon Go hunt.


Pokémon ASMR Tracks

The following ambient noise tracks are inspired by Pokémon, both the series and the games, and have been created to resemble the mood of the world of Pokémon. Click on the names or images to go to the according ASMR music piece.

Lavender Town Snowfall in Lavender Town Fortree City Slateport City Ever Grande City
Finding Furfrou Ever Grande Castle Nobori’s Office


Pokémon Go Resources

These graphics form Ranked Boost show you the most likely spawn areas of Pokémon sorted by type. You can also download them all at once in one ZIP here.


Fire, Grass & Water


Electric, Fighting, Ghost, Ice, Psychic & Fairy


Dragon, Ground, Normal & Rock

Spawn_Dragon Spawn_Ground Spawn_Normal Spawn_Rock

Bug & Poison

Spawn_Bug Spawn_Poison


The following graphic was distributed by VORT3X Gaming on their Facebook page. It provides information about the level up bonuses you get for the first 20 levels.



This graphic was also provided by Ranked Boost. It’s a great overview of what Pokémon you can hatch from the different eggs (2km, 5km & 10km) you can get.



Speaking of eggs, here’s a handy chart from Inch Calculator that converts the kilometers used in Pokémon Go into miles.



When trying to take over a gym, you may choose wisely which Pokémon you use to attack with. To help you with that, you will find a type chart from Pokémon Database below. Don’t get confused by types you don’t know yet (e.g. steel or dark). They were introduced in later generations of the game while only Pokémon of generation one are included in Pokémon Go. For now!



Want to know how rare the Pokémon is you caught or are currently out hunting for? Here’s a handy chart from Gearnuke that tells you all about rarity of certain Pokémon.



And last, but not least, an overview from PC Mag that shows which actions get you which amount of XP.

screenshot-uk.pcmag.com 2016-07-20 11-56-30

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