Ambient Music for your Board Game Evening

Winter nights can be long and dull. Especially when the sun sets early and the world is left in snowy or rainy darkness. If you don’t want to roam the streets in the slight drizzle and the chilling cold, you are basically “trapped” inside. Which doesn’t have to be a bad thing, not at all!

image by peddhapati
image by peddhapati
You can sit back in your favorite armchair or on your couch and finally read through all the books you ever wanted to read. It get’s especially cozy if you have a crackling fire nearby, the smell of wood and maybe some incenses making the scene almost perfect.

Such evenings or nights can become a bit boring though, so why not spice it up by inviting your friends and/or family over for a board game evening? There are many great board, card, and dice games to play with many different themes or scenarios. They range from calm Chess sessions, over tactical games of Risk, to a more loud and exciting round of King of Tokyo.

Following you’ll find a list of possible soundscapes for your board game evening.

Ambient Music

For a more calm atmosphere that would fit a game of Chess, Nine Men’s Morris, or Droughts, tuning up some ambient music creates an atmosphere that features the concentration of the players. Especially ambient pads mixed up with some classical music makes for a relaxing soundscape that also go very well with games of Poker or Skat.

Relaxing Sounds

Almost the same goes for more relaxing and meditative music mixes. They perfectly fit a calm game of Chess or of the associative card game Dixit. The calming and relaxing sounds support concentration and the overall calmness of a game that does not primarily focus on winning.

Scenery Fitting Soundscapes

But lets wander from the more classical and calmer games to the more exciting ones! It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Carcassonne, The Settlers of Catan, or the likes of Zombicide or the Lord of the Rings RPG games – the best way to create the perfect ambient background for these kinds of games is finding more environmental sounds that fit the scenery or genre those games are representing as well.

While players of Settlers may prefer soundscapes that transport them right into a beautiful countryside or to a small village, players of Zombicide can restore to tuning up some Horror ambient mixes to increase the eerie feeling of their game.
Fans of more fantasy inspired games will find more liking in fantastical and magical ambient sounds or sounds that were created for table top or life action RPGs.

Board Game inspired mixes

While sounds of nature or other environmental sounds may set the scenery for specific games, there is always the option to create a mix specifically for your favorite game! This is why we dedicated a whole category to ambient sound mixes that have been inspired by or purposely created for different board games!

Some ambiences that have already been created feature the games Zombicide, Pandemic, Monopoly, King of Tokyo, and more! They help setting the mood for the specific games and can easily be altered if you like another twist to your background music while playing. And of course there is the possibility to create your very own for many different games!

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