The Role of Virtual Reality in Music

Live music in virtual reality is not just a dream anymore. For a fraction of what concert ticket costs, you can enjoy the live show as if you’re with the crowd. You can enjoy any music concert no matter where you are. Stuck in the hospital after a hip replacement surgery? It doesn’t matter. You can live in the moment when your favorite band rocks the stage.

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VR In The Music World

A virtual live concert is not the only use of virtual reality in the music world. Music professionals can use VR to mix their favorite tracks using a virtual vinyl DJ setup. Aspiring musicians can also perform as a drummer or guitarist in front of a large audience on a virtual stage.

It’s not all about the music practitioners too. With VR headsets getting better on each iteration and the ever drop in price, even people who never will see VR music experience as something that’s worth a try.

This increase in VR role in music, however, triggers worries that concertgoers will prefer the VR experience over the live one. Is that a likely future? Perhaps.

To a number of people, the virtual concert experience might even better than the live one. There’s no need to get dressed, drive for an hour, queue in line, and mix with a crowd of sweaty armpits and bad body odor.

For many others, though, all the trouble of watching a concert in person is what makes live concerts memorable. The sacrifices you’ve made to see your favorite singers or bands on stage make all the experience a memory that won’t fade anytime soon. VR cannot replace that, ever. That said, thanks to VR, those who cannot go for whatever reason will still have the chance to be there “in person” too.

It’s the same thing with VR in music creation and production. Some will embrace it and others won’t. It’s up to the developers to think of new offerings that will make VR stay interesting to music lovers, producers, and performers. Still, no matter what, it’s going to be interesting to see in what new ways VR will transform music.

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