Music as a Medicine during a Lockdown

For the past month, the news about the novel coronavirus has gripped the world. It’s everywhere you look, and the media just can’t stop bringing it up all the time. To keep what’s left of their sanity, many people simply turn off the news. They turned their heads toward things that relax their minds. One favorite escape is, of course, music.

Music is Your Therapy during This Lockdown

Some people say music helps them relax, makes them happy, or improves their concentration while studying or working. Perhaps all of them are true to you.

Numerous studies have proven the advantage of music to one’s mental health. If you need more convincing, just have a look at the result from The British Academy of Sound Therapy.

The Academy discovered that listening to music for a short time is enough to get a positive effect. The amount of time it takes for someone to reap the therapeutic effect of music is roughly 13 minutes. Yes, you read that right — the lucky number 13.

Finding comfort and peace in music is nothing new. However, the finding from the research led by Lyz Cooper is quite fascinating. Who knew that listening to music for 13 minutes, which is roughly four songs long, is enough to reduce muscle tension and negative thoughts? As a result, you feel more peaceful and sleep better at night.

If your goal is to feel happy, the time required is even shorter. After a mere 9 minutes of listening to a happy song, your energy level increases and you’ll feel as if you can take on the world.

“But I’m feeling sad! I can’t see my friends during this lockdown”

OK, it’s alright if you want to let it all out. You should release all your sadness so it’s easier for you to move on. As a matter of fact, you should play songs with lyrics that you can relate to. Pick three or four of such songs and in 13 minutes the sadness will feel less overwhelming.

Once your emotion stabilizes and you feel relieved, it’s time to listen to ambient sounds with no lyrics to distract you. Why? Because, after listening to the ambient sounds for 13 minutes, your mind will become clear and you’ll finally be ready to do all the chores you’ve put off when you were feeling down.

“What kind of ambient sound should I listen to?”

Whatever you wish, my dear. There are thousands of different ambient sounds available at Whether you need something for boosting your creative energy or helping you with self-reflection and relaxation, you’ll find them there.  Just pick and download the ones you like and put them  in your playlist.

You can also try to listen to ambient sounds in your home. There’s a lot going on in and around your home if you just stop and pay attention. There’s the tick-tocking of the clock on the wall, the faint sound of cars zooming on the road, or perhaps the pitter-patter of the rain on your rooftop. So, sit down, sip your coffee, and start listening.

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