Pandemic Frustration and Anger Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought so much anger, loss, and grief throughout the world. The anger part is especially worrying especially when people are stuck at home either alone or together with their families.

Too many people choose the wrong way to cope with anger. Some pretend they don’t feel anything while others choose to punch their way through it. They know their actions will not make the circumstances any better but they do it anyway because they don’t know what else should they do.

Since these difficult circumstances are most likely will be around for a while, it’s best if we do what we can to keep pandemic frustration at bay. This is a good time to learn about effective anger management measures.

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Anger Management During The Pandemic

There are many proven anger management techniques you can use. Here, we’ll just talk about four of them.

#1. Exercise

Exercising regularly is a great way to relieve tension in your body and prevent outbursts. Yes, you can still exercise even when all the gyms are closed. Take a brisk walk around the house or do pushups, squats, or crunches. Those simple exercises require no tools, just your bodyweight. Do them ten minutes in the morning and another ten minutes in the afternoon.

Doing exercises is also an excellent way to wind down when the sudden rage hits you. When you feel heat swelling up in your chest and your head about to explode with anger, drop down and do some pushups to let out the steam.

#2. Watch something funny

Laughing is a great destresser. That’s how millions of people manage their anger and irritability while stuck at home. Why insists watching the news about the pandemic if they all just stressed you out, right?

Lucky for us, there are many clips of comedy shows and stand-ups available free on Youtube. Just remember to watch those funny clips every day instead of only when you’re feeling angry.

You can think of watching funny stuff as vitamins to keep you mentally healthy and not pills to cure you of overwhelming rage. Prevention is better than cure, right?

#3. Get enough sleep

Practicing self-care is mandatory when you’re stuck at home for weeks and months. Do realize that your emotional well-being during this covid-19 flu pandemic should be your top priority. Don’t lose sleep over something trivial. If you suffer from lack of sleep then dealing with stressful situations will be difficult. Even just one sleepless night can disturb your mood and make you feel irritable all day long.

Listen to some soothing sounds if you find it hard to fall asleep. The sounds of nature also make a great choice to relax when it’s time to hit the bed.

#4. Do one thing at a time

We all know that pandemic anxiety is making people restless and angry. When you have so much to do with only so little time to do them all, the restlessness just keep piling up. Not everyone has good multitasking capabilities especially under abnormal daily pressure like the one we all experience these days. Your mind will explode if you force yourself to do everything at once.

Prioritize on the things that you have most control of. The sense of control can help you cope with intense emotions and let you focus on the tasks at hand.

OK, that’s all for now, folks. Be sure to be kind to yourself, alright?

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