How to Look After Your Mental Health during a Lockdown

The Covid-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc on the lives of billions of people around the planet. As an effort to curb the spread, governments in many countries have ordered their citizens to stay at home. Most people comply while others pretend they have trouble hearing.

For those who comply and stay at home, there’s another challenge already waiting. Being cooped up for weeks isn’t as fun as they expected. This is true for both extroverts and introverts. Even people who didn’t normally socialize before the pandemic used to have the freedom to go wherever they wished to go. That freedom is no longer present in today’s climate.

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Looking After Your Mental Health during a Lockdown

Suffice to say that staying mentally healthy requires greater effort during these difficult days. It’s hard but certainly doable.

#1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential in maintaining good mental health. If the bad news you keep hearing prevents you from having a good night’s sleep, turn off the TV and stay clear of social media. Follow our short tips on getting back to sleep quickly if you often wake up in the middle of the night for no reason at all.

If yours daily schedule allows it, definitely take power naps. Hey, you’re already working from home. Just consider napping as one of the perks.

#2. Eat a balanced diet

Cooking your own meal is healthier for your body and friendlier for your wallet. Due to the lockdown, you now have all the time in the world to plan your meal. If you consider ramen as a staple food, add some protein and vegetables every time you cook one.

#3. Exercise

Exercising improves blood flow to the brain and helps you think more clearly. Exercising also boosts the release of serotonin and endorphins, the hormones that improve your mood.

Do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. If you can’t exercise 30 minutes in one go, that’s fine. Stretch lightly after you wake up, do ten squats, pushups, or any kind of exercise of your choice whenever you have the time. Just do it!

#4. Listen to natural sounds

For centuries, natural sounds have been linked to relaxation. Even now, many people enjoy listening to natural sounds such as the sound of rain as it calms the anxious mind.

Science says that listening to various nature sounds improves outward-focused attention. That means, instead of ruminating of things that can stress you out, you pay more attention to your work and surroundings.

Listening to natural sounds also improves parasympathetic response which helps your body relax. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you definitely should try listening to natural sounds.

#5. Learn something new

Many people were wishing the world to slow down a bit so they could catch up. Well, if you’re one of them, this is your time. Instead of spending your time watching cute cat videos on YouTube, watch tutorials on the skills you wish to acquire.

By focusing your mind on a goal, you can distract yourself from brooding over the negative things that are happening in the world right now. Be optimistic! This pandemic will end one day, and when that happens, you’ll be glad you’ve gained an extra skill or two.

#6. Take care of yourself

Make your bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, trim your beard, and do everything else you usually do before you self-isolate. Keeping the routine alive is an easy way to keep your mind busy with things that matter.

#7. Take care of each other

Humans are social creatures. Even in a lockdown we still need others and vice versa. There’s no way around it. Be kind to your family, friends, and neighbors. Communicate and take care of each other. You’ll be looking after your own mental health while improving theirs too.

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