What Made Humans Invent Music?

Image by Photo4Jenifer http://bit.ly/1QzexeA
Image by Photo4Jenifer http://bit.ly/1QzexeA

Just like the question of what is the meaning of life, people have been trying to find an answer to the question of what made humans invent music? Of course there are infinite theories abounding regarding this mystery. Charles Darwin had a firm belief that music was invented by humans as a sexual inducement. Yet there are others who believed that music was invented as a way for early communities to bring each other closer together socially. Archaeological evidence proves that musical instruments date back to almost 40,000 years ago.

Whatever the true reason was, all of us are sure glad that we have music today as it is in every aspect of our daily lives one way or another. Music wakes people up in the mornings, puts others to sleep at night, makes some go crazy & wild dancing and soothes the broken hearted as well.

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Music for the Masses

Some researchers have done extensive studies which actually prove that music can end up influencing both the mood and behavior of numerous people at once. This goes back to the theory of mass unification via music as a reason why early humans created it.

These days we now have music concerts where people pay exorbitant amounts of money sometimes for the chance to assemble together with other fans. Videos showing how people end up moving as one in throngs of thousands as they listen to music in concerts proves the theory of music for the masses.

The Solitude Effect

Still, there is still the premise music has on people while they listen to it alone. This is mostly noticeable during times of hardships for humans such as breaking up with a someone they love or losing a loved one. The amount of love songs that have been invented throughout history are endless. Even more obvious is the effect many of these songs have on those they touch via their lyrics and sound. We can honestly say that no adult or teen who has ever been in love has not found comfort during heartbreaks by listening to their favorite love songs. Hence another reason for music ending up serving as a consoling tool and source.

Melodies are Universal

While so many languages separate humans in the world, music seems to eradicate the language barrier. People who do not often understand the language of a song being played still end up enjoying the melodies and tunes they hear. This proves that melodies are universal and able to bring people of all races and ethnicities together in a moment as they become one listening to music. Scientific evidence has also proven that even animals love music. Some suggest that plants do as well. So when we ask when or why did humans invent music, we can come up with so many reasons. Whatever the reason or reasons of what made humans invent music, all we can say is we are sure glad they did.

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