How Do You Deal With Nightmares?

Kids are not the only ones prone to nightmares. It’s normal to have adults having stressful dreams that disrupt their sleep patterns. When your deepest and darkest fear manifests itself as a nightmare, you may find going back to sleep impossible. You end up feeling groggy in the morning and not even a cup of your favorite brew can fix it.

Why do we get nightmares? And how do we deal with it?

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Causes of Nightmares

Dreams commonly include various aspects of our daily lives. It’s no magic that those aspects end up being the causes of our bad dreams. The most common causes of nightmares are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Negative experience
  • Media experience
  • Depression
  • Environment
  • Personality
  • Medication
  • Indigestion
  • Sleep deprivation and disorder
  • Pain

How to Avoid Nightmares and Get More Restful Sleep

In order to deal with nightmares, you need to deal with the causes. Here are some things you can try to have a more restful sleep and free yourself from sleep-depriving nightmares.

#1. Practice good sleeping habits

A good sleeping habit means maintaining a regular sleep and wake cycle throughout the week. It’s crucial to ensure your internal clock remains in good working order. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, you should try taking a short nap during the day. Yes, it may sound weird, but taking a short power nap does help you fall asleep at night.

#2. Try listening to ambient sounds.

Stress is one of the major sources of nightmares. A good way to relieve stress is by listening to calming ambient sounds.

What makes you feel safe and relaxed? Is it the sound of rain and flowing river? Or do you find comfort in the beach where surfers challenge the waves? No matter what kind of sounds you’re seeking, has it all.

#3. Keep your tummy happy

Avoid having a heavyweight dinner when you want a restful sleep. Our digestive system slows down at night so it’s best if you keep your dinner light. Also avoid alcohol and anything that includes caffeine including coffee and dark chocolate.

#4. Talk about it

If you think you have a problem too big for you to handle on your own, please reach out and talk about it. When things weigh on your mind, they get carried into your dream. Coming to terms with your problem will help you big time in avoiding nightmares.

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