Distractions While Studying – How to Deal With Them

Need to study but worry about distractions? Get rid of them first.
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Overcoming distractions when it’s time to study is easier said than done. Distractions come in all flavor and shape. You just can’t seem to avoid them. However, it’s not as hopeless as it might sound. There are plenty of things you can do to keep distractions minimal when you need to get down to studying.

Dealing With Distraction When Studying

Eat up

When your mind is occupied with how hungry you are, you can’t soak up new knowledge. You need to fill your stomach.

Concentrating on your studies also requires a great amount of energy. That’s why you need to fill your tummy before opening the books. Watch the portion, though. Too much and you’ll get sleepy. Eat just enough to satiate your hunger but no more.

You may also try foods that can help you focus such as blueberries, avocados, nuts, and dark chocolate. Don’t forget to drink enough water. Dehydration is an enemy to anyone wishes to concentrate on their study.

Put your phone away

Once you open your phone to look at memes, a minute turns into hours just like that. A smartphone is a gateway to a world of distractions. Put that thing away or at least put it on silent mode.

Tell people you are studying

Make sure people know you need some peace and quiet to get things done. This is especially important when you decide to turn your phone off during the study session.

Your friends may get anxious when they can’t reach you through the phone. Letting them know beforehand gives them the peace of mind that you’re fine. You just need some time alone to focus on another matter.

Set up the ambiance

Many people enjoy playing classical music while they study. It makes them calm, they say.

You should also try playing some music. It doesn’t have to be classical, though. Just make sure it doesn’t have any lyrics as they’ll distract your brain from the study material in front of you.

We suggest going to ambient-mixer.com and pick any ambient sounds that you enjoy. There are literally thousands of sounds to pick. From the sound of bustling Gryffindor common room to the soothing sound of the rain.

Take your breaks

There’s no need to pull an all-nighter before an exam. Your body needs rest. You don’t want your brain to keep knocking the doors every so often reminding you to hit the snooze button, right?

Take as many breaks as you need. For example, you can shuffle half an hour of studying with ten minutes of rest.

Take your eyes off the books, walk around, stretch, and just move that body to improve your blood circulation.

How long the study and rest session are is up to you. You know your body best.

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