Hearing Funny Sounds Can Give Your Body A Boost

Ambient Mixer Explores How Laughing Boost Your Body & Health
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We have all heard the expression of “Laughter is the best medicine”. In the same manner, hearing funny sounds can give your body a boost. The concept of laughter being good for your health has been researched for years now as scientists and doctors try to prove it. Veritably, there are even books and motivational seminars with similar titles which emphasize this concept.






Is Laughing Good For You?


Throughout the years, numerous studies have been made to prove what positive or negative effects laughter can have on the human body & brain.  There may not be a smoking gun to prove that laughter is good for your health. However, there are numerous points which prove the positive effects it can have on you and your body. Doctors do know that when we laugh, it ends up triggering healthy changes in our bodies. They also say that laughter and humor strengthen a human being’s immune system. It can also diminish pain, greatly boost your energy, and relieve stress. Of course stress has already been proven to be a major factor in strokes, heart attacks and many other health issues.


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Boost It With Funny Sounds


One of the great things about laughter is that it releases endorphins which are the natural feel good chemicals found in our bodies and brains. Since we already know that laughing is great for your health, we also know that listening to funny sounds can give your body a boost. If you want to start to boost your body with funny sounds, then it is easy. First thing you need to do is find some really funny sounds to listen to. There are numerous videos on YouTube and other sites where you can find thousands of hilarious sounds to make you laugh. Also, you can find some funny sounds in the two sites below.


+ Findsounds – is a free sound effects search engine, like a Google for sound. The site points to audio files hosted worldwide and you should check the copyright of each file before using it.


+ Freesound is one of the oldest and biggest sound libraries, as it collects sounds since 2005. It’s a university open project, but still you should always have a look at each sounds license to check it’s really public commons use.



Laugh & Enjoy The Benefits


Once you start to listen to these funny sounds and begin to laugh, you will actually feel better right away. It is sort of a workout for your heart since laughing can boost your heart rate as well. Furthermore, laughter even appears to help people burn calories. There are a few other factors to make the case on why you should listen to funny sounds to boost your body and feel better. It actually takes less energy to laugh than it does to frown. Also, our smiles and laughter can be contagious giving off positive energy which others will quickly catch and benefit from.


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Now that you know that smiling and laughing are good for you. And that listening to funny sounds can actually end up lifting and boosting your body, take advantage of it. Go ahead and find some really funny sounds, laugh, enjoy them and live longer.


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