Halloween Themes: How About A Monster Forest?

Monster Forest
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It’s October! And that means it’s about time you plan your Halloween evening and night!

But what to do? What theme to choose for a party, your costume? How to decorate your house or front porch for this creepiest of evenings? Zombies? That’s so last year. Superheroes? Too tame. Suicide Squat? Probably done by millions. Vampire mansion? Not the same anymore after Twilight. Creepy clowns and circus? Not a good idea after the recent happenings…

Don’t worry, we got a great theme idea for you: How about a Monster Forest!


Monster Forest – Halloween Theme

The best thing about this theme is that you can use it for a variety of Halloween activities:

  • Halloween party
  • Creepy haunted stroll
  • Front porch haunting
  • Trick or Treat costume
  • Party costume
  • Movie night

No matter what you are exactly planning for All Hallow’s eve or the dark and long evenings before, the monster forest theme can be used in so many.



To set the right atmosphere for a party, haunted porch or movie night, decorations are essential. Everything should look spooky, eerie, creepy. The mere look into your front garden or living room should send a chill down people’s spine. After all, this is what Halloween is all about.

Thus, we have collected some great decoration ideas and tutorials to turn your house, apartment or porch into a haunted and monster-infected forest. And if you plan on hosting a spooky scavenger hunt through actual woods, you can set the atmosphere along the way with those decorations as well.


Trees Monsters Critters

Food & Treats

Of course, no party or movie night is complete without food and snacks. Any snack will do, actually, and all slightly spooky or traditionally halloweeny recipes will do. we nevertheless gathered a few more “monstrous” snacks and menus for you to create:



Just like with the food and snacks, anything creepy and spooky is allowed. However, here are some costume and costume props ideas and tutorials that fit the monster forest theme quite nicely:


Audio Atmosphere


d07ef1770625ca5b08376fb0253b8a6e_fullHalloween Night – When fears become reality

An eerie atmosphere of a creepy night with ominous music and monsters roaring in the distance.

fdfb906f465eea87679ee933be3d127d_fullSpooky Scary Forest Atmosphere

The sounds of a forest – a creek, the wind in the trees, crickets – but with a creepy undertone. Dark drones and the dark tones of a church bell from far away.

b65e5cc74c3d37b50cc1afa598ce389b_fullHaunted Forest Atmosphere

Crickets and horrific birds are not the only creatures roaming this haunted forest. Hear the screams and howls, snarls and growls in the wind.

8dae4c9c9e45518362f767480b7d43f5_fullCan You Sense HIS presence?

Creaking trees in the wind, but there is something else. Dark drones and dark chanting create an eerie and haunted atmosphere.

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