Ambient Music for Selling Houses

Ambient music for selling houses. Yes or no?

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Whether you’re a realtor or just in need to sell your house, there are some things that you can do to make it sell as quickly as possible. One trick thing that successful realtors often use to help smoothen the deal is to play some ambient music in the background while prospective buyers touring the house.

Ambient Music for Selling Houses – Does it Work?

Of course. Many people in the business are recommending it because it really works. Those who whose career depend on selling things as much as possible knows music can influence buying decision. Why do you think supermarkets are so keen on playing music in the stores?

Music helps setting up the mood and the emotional connection. When it comes to selling, nudging that emotional trigger can make or break the sale.

So, here are some pointers for picking the right kind of ambient music for selling houses.

First, make it relaxing. You want the viewer to feel at ease. You want them to take their time. Music with slow tempo is a good choice since an upbeat one tends to make people felt rushed.

Secondly, set your playlist to last longer than the average browsing session. If it normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to walk people around the house, then the playlist should be at least ten minutes longer. Loop it just to be safe.

Next, try to match the season and viewing time. Plan ahead and make a playlist for each of the four seasons. A fresh and cheerful one for spring and something sunny for summer.

If you do night tours, then the playlist should differ than the one you use by the day. The nighttime playlist should have music with faster (but not too fast) tempo. You don’t want to lullaby the viewer to sleep, right?

And finally, make it subtle. A little music goes a long way. It’s background music after all. If the music is too loud, everyone will need to shout instead of talking normally. The viewer may even think that you’re trying to drown out some real noises from outside. Road noise perhaps? Or maybe the sound of a nearby construction site?

Stay away from air freshener too. By the same logic, the prospective buyer may think you’re trying to hide something stinky that you can’t or doesn’t bother remove.

Yes, this last tip doesn’t have anything to do with music, but it will help you make that sale. Ambient music helps, but only when all the other aspects are taken care of.

Make the house as presentable as possible to prospective buyers. It must be is spotless and odorless. Not even a thin layer of dust is allowed. Bathroom and kitchen? They better be sparkling clean too. Nothing deters viewers during tours and open houses like dirty and stinky bathrooms .

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