Uses of Thunderstorm Ambient Music

One of the great features of ambient music is that it can be used for so many purposes. Since there are to words that go with the music, it means the music serves as the perfect backdrop. It doesn’t distract from whatever it is you want people to focus on, it just adds to the mood. Thunderstorm ambient music is the perfect example of this.

Here are some ideas of things you can do with thunderstorm ambient music.


thunderstorm ambient music
Image by Ed Yourdon

With the popularity of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and the number of people sharing videos on Facebook, it’s the perfect time to separate your videos from everyone else’s, by adding great background music.

Thunderstorm ambient music is a great choice if you have a video that you want to be suspenseful or scary. A loud crack of lightning will also really enhance a video that has something that happens by surprise. That could be someone tripping, when an object seems to fall out of nowhere, or when something unexpected happens.

Since thunderstorms seem to ruin the fun when you have any kind of outdoor activities planned, you can also make a point to add it to your videos that are showing an activity of some kind that didn’t quite work as expected.


Thunderstorms are one of those things where the experience is different for different people. While some people are afraid of thunderstorms, there are others who find the sounds of a nice spring thunderstorm very relaxing. If you are one of the later, thunderstorm ambient music might be the perfect choice for a relaxing night with a good book, or to listen to in the afternoon while you clean the house.


One of the more obvious uses of thunderstorm ambient music is for parties, especially when the theme is supposed to be scary. Thunderstorm music is the perfect backdrop for your Halloween party, especially when you add in some sounds of a stranger dragging a chain, ghosts, someone walking down a hallway that is supposed to be deserted and even a random scream or two.

However, you don’t have to save it for the party. You can use a shortened version of thunderstorm ambient music to include in the electronic invitation.

Rain Dance

Another use for thunderstorm ambient music is to have a rain dance. Whether you believe it will be effective or not is another story. However, imagine the fun you would have planning a rain dance with your kids and having the perfect thunderstorm music to go along with it.  This could even be a great theme for your next neighborhood party if you’re in an area in need of a little rain.


Dogs can be wonderful house pets, but they aren’t so fun when they are running around your house, wreaking havoc because they are afraid of thunderstorms. One of the things many vets suggest is to use a type of conditioning therapy with them.

That simply means to play thunderstorm ambient music all the time. If there is always a thunderstorm in the background, eventually your dog will become conditioned to the sounds and their level of anxiety will decrease.

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