The Wonderful Sounds Of Crickets

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There is a sound that many people immediately associate with mild summer nights: the sound of crickets.

In a park, in nature, or even in that single bush in front of your window, crickets always find a place. And then, when night falls – and sometimes before – they start their beautiful concert. Let us get you into this summer feeling with some (fun) facts about crickets and soundscapes that perfectly recreate those lovely summer nights.


The Sound Of Crickets

Before we give you some of the best cricket and summer evenings soundscapes you can find on Ambient Mixer, you should know a little bit more about the critters that fill the summer air with their sounds.

Thus, here are some facts about crickets you might not have known!

  1. Only male crickets create these signature sounds we love so much.
  2. Crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, and katydid all chirp differently.
  3. The sounds, contrary to popular belief, do not come from the crickets rubbing their legs together.
  4. Actually, they create their music using their wings.
  5. The chirping cricket music is called “stridulating”.
  6. Composer Jim Wilson claimed that a slow downed cricket song sounds like a human chorus, but this could not be replicated to this day, suggesting that he edited the sounds.
  7. Crickets chirp to attract partners and scare aware rivals.
  8. The chirp differs, depending on what the cricket wants to achieve; attract females, court nearby females, warn male rivals.
  9. Oftentimes, for comedic effect, a cricket’s chirp is used to indicate an awkward silence.
  10. You can tell the temperature by listening to the cricket concert, at least roughly.


What? A cricket’s chirp can tell you about the temperature. Yes, partly. The rule of thumb is that the more crickets you hear, the warmer it is outside. These little musicians love warm temperatures. Thus, they usually don’t sing in temperatures below 55 °F or 12 °C. Telling the exact temperature is more difficult though. Researchers have found a way to roughly calculate it using the Snow Tree cricket’s crips, that seemed to be heavily affected by the temperature. Usually, the chirp of a field cricket also depends on their age and success in the mating process.


Crickets Ambient Noise Mixes

Now that you know so much about these nocturnal musicians, check out some of their most beautiful songs in these atmospheric soundscapes.

Frogs and Crickets at the Pond

Crickets & Rain

Sunset Crickets while Camping

Summer Dusk

Southern Afternoon

Tree in a Field


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