The Grammy Awards Return To NYC

The Grammy Awards Return To NYC
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One of the biggest and most important award shows when it comes to the music industry are the Grammy awards. The Grammys can be compared to the Oscars of music. The dream of every musician, artist or anyone in the music industry is receiving a Grammy award. In fact, just being nominated for a Grammy is enough to make any artist feel honored.

This year, the Grammy awards are returning to the Big Apple. After almost 15 years since they were last held in the city that never sleeps, the Grammys are returning to New York City.


It is hard to believe that a ceremony which receives some of the highest ratings on TV lasted so long from returning to NYC. After all, the Big Apple is the world’s greatest stage when it comes to music and artists. This is the city where many musicians and people in the industry come to try and find a way to reach their dreams.


Every City Wants To Host The Grammys

Times have changed as far as the competition goes for shows such as the Grammy awards and other similar ceremonies. Since they draw such large audiences and are ratings behemoths, the competition for where the show will air is fierce. Producers of the Grammys and other award shows gloat at how cities compete for the privilege to hold the show in their State.


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Besides the huge draws in viewer ratings, there are other incentives for a city that holds an award show like the Grammys. The economic impact which stems from the awards is enormous. It reaches many different areas in a city such as hotels, restaurants and others. Hundreds of visitors descend on a city days or weeks before in preparation for the Grammy awards show. In addition, there are numerous jobs the show also brings. In Los Angeles, which hosted the Grammys in 2014, they had over 82 million in benefits from the show.


A Costly Event To Host

The problem for New York City and the Grammy awards is how much it cost to host the event in a city like NY. There are many factors that go into place when hosting an event of this magnitude. Labor, expenses for facilities and housing the staff of the Academy are just some of the expenses. That alone totals from $6 to $8 million higher than other cities such as Los Angeles. The Academy – which is in charge of the Grammys – needs at least 11 days of rehearsals and staging. That means their staff has to be accommodated for at least 2 weeks by the hosting city.


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In any event, New York City is very happy about finally being able to host the popular music awards show again. The people of NY are elated as well since it will bring a lot of attention to the city. Lastly, millions of up and coming artists, musicians and people in the music industry are also content. For them, having the Grammy awards back in New York represents an opportunity to get their feet in the door somehow.

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