Halloween Themes: How About An Asylum?

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Halloween is creeping closer – see what we did there? – and it’s time to plan your evening! We have already outlined what you can do to give your evening a Monster Forest theme. Today, We’ll look at something equally creepy and nerve-wracking: Asylums.

Please note, however, that the theme is completely fictional and only meant to send the typically Halloween chills down your friends’ and visitors’ spines. The depiction of creepy asylums and mental wards is not to be compared to the actual state of such facilities and not meant to offend anyone. Just take it as a purposely spooky interpretation.


Asylum – Halloween Theme

Of course, the Asylum theme can be used for a variety of Halloween activities. Such as:

  • Halloween parties
  • Front porch haunting scenes
  • Home and house decorations
  • Trick or Treat costumes
  • Party costumes
  • Movie night
  • and more…

Planning a party or haunted front porch? Decorating your house for trick or treaters? Or do you just want to spend the evenings and nights leading to Halloween in a spooky way? The Asylum theme can be used for all of those!



Decorations are vital to set the scene for a party, haunted porch and even a movie night. Everything should look as spooky as possible with just the right amount of gore for your audience. The mere look into your front garden or living room should send a chill down people’s spine. After all, this is what Halloween is all about. Yet, keep in mind that an asylum theme might be very terrifying in itself already. Toning down the gore on a haunted porch with just enough scares will make sure that you spook the trick or treating children, but don’t scare them to death.

To make your house, apartment, porch or yard look extremely “lunatic”, we have gathered some decoration inspirations along with tutorials on how to make some of them by yourself instead of buying.


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Wall Scribbles
To cover your walls in bloody handprints and confusing writing, tape a huge piece of paper or sheet to an empty wall. Offer red and black wax crayons as well as finger paint to your guests to leave a message, or go nuts on your new canvas yourself. Just make sure that the paper or sheet is thick enough for the color to not print on the wall behind it.
You can also turn your wall into a whiteboard as described in this tutorial. This certainly comes in handy outside of Halloween season as well.

Pill Box Chain Of Lights
You know these orange pill boxes prescribed medicine comes in? Use them to spread a spooky glow by drilling a hole into the lid and attaching them to a chain of lights.

Dose Of Candy
Have you ever wondered why some candy looks like pills? Well, this comes in handy now. Serve them in glass bowls or mason jars and make sure everyone gets their necessary dose of sweetness.


Some Inspirations More Tutorials



Next to decorations, costumes also play a major role in spooking your friends or making the asylum setting even more realistic. Following are some inspirations for costumes around asylums; doctors and nurses, patients and more:


Fitting Horror Movies

No party, no haunted porch to take care of? You can still fully dive into the asylum feeling this Halloween. Following is a list of horror movies that play in or around a mental asylum:


Check out these 10 must-see movies for a horror movie night.


Audio Atmosphere

37fff9720ad73650e8487140a490b2c8_fullLocked in the Asylum

You went missing for a while and the explanation you gave sounds crazy, but you’re not crazy! You’re Doctor has sent you away for close examination at Woodclyf Asylum, assured you’d be feeling better soon. Behind the confines of the Asylum walls things aren’t quite as they seem. Whispers from the nurses suggest that patients have been going missing and the Doctors here keep their faces hidden at all times… No one is going to believe you now.

29feb8a7eaef8f17523d17ae6c5b228d_fullEternity In An Asylum

I’m not crazy! IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT I…M….N..O..T…please just let me out…They ar edriv ing m e m a d.

5651d95d86716d9aeda7c070ecefbf24_fullVictorian Asylum

A building of this size is never silent. The floors creak. The pipes rattle. The wind howls through the cracks in the windows. Every night, at least one of us is crying. Sometimes one can hear distant shrieking–the nurses say it is normal, that quite a few patients suffer terrible nightmares. I suppose they must be right. Who wouldn’t have nightmares in a place like this?

add2f4145e8e22aa08a0cfd8bff9de21_fullA Night In Moira Asylum


NO loitering in the halls.

NO noisemaking in the rooms.

Keep doors CLOSED.

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