7 Reasons to Go Camping This Fall

Camping is one of those things you need to do at least once in your life. Now, many people say summer is the prime season for camping, but many people prefer camping in the fall. Here are the reasons

7 Reasons Why Fall Camping is Best

#1. Cool air

In summer, just walking to the campsite makes you drenched in sweat. Not in the fall, you won’t. The temperature is just right so you can enjoy whatever it is you want to do.

Imagine sitting around the fire pit at night with your friends or families. Just chatting there, sipping warm drinks, while the cool breeze soothing your face. It’s just wonderful.

#2. Fewer bugs

As the weather turns colder, bugs are seeking shelter under piles of leaves or loose bark for warmth. Some are migrating to warmer areas so very few are loitering around to mess up your camping experience. Still, some bugs will turn to your tent to get away from the chilly weather, so remember to carry bug spray. You still need it to keep those off-season mosquitos away.

#3. Majestic scenery

Thanks to the combination of weather and temperature, the foliage pattern turns into one awe-inspiring scenery for you to enjoy. The different hues of leaves make for a picturesque backdrop for any pictures you’re going to take.

#4.  Less crowded campsite

If you’re not a fan of hectic campsites then the fall camping is just the way to go. Once summer is over, campsites around the country become less crowded. It’s not going to be completely empty, and you may still need to make pep talks when you meet other campers, but it’s way better than summer for sure.

#5. Lots of fun things to do

Summer camping activities are fun and so does fall camping one. There’s still plenty of fish to catch during the fall season such as largemouth bass, bluegill, pike, perch, musky, crappie, and walleye.

Not a fan of fishing? There are still many more activities you can do such as apple picking, pumpkin carving, bird watching, mid-day hiking, and leaf collecting.

#6. Comfort food

You can cook some comfort food at home, but when cooking the same meals outdoors the ambiance just makes everything tastes better. Make chili, cornbread, baked potatoes, berry cobbler, or biscuits. Couple them with your favorite warm drinks and you’re very much set.

#7. Better sleep

After a long day of having fun outdoors,  good night sleep is a given when camping during fall. The weather is cool enough                so you won’t get all sweaty during the night. But be sure to bring enough socks and blankets in case the temperature drops too much.

Can’t go camping this fall? Then how about making a cup of hot chocolate and play this camping ambient sound instead? It can lift your mood until you can spare the time to go camping for real. By the way, ambient-mixer.com has many more ambient sounds that are perfect for the fall season. Be sure to check them out.

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