The Harry Potter Fandom is Still Going Strong

The seventh Harry Potter book was released in 2007, a full dozen years ago. And yet the Harry Potter fandom is still pretty lively today. You can still find news and tweets referencing both the books and movies. Harry Potter-themed parties and gatherings are still going strong too. Not to mention hilarious new memes that keep  popping up.

Why is the Harry Potter Fandom is Still Going Strong?

#1. The Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a movie set seventy years before the adventures of Harry Potter. It’s true that the movies didn’t include Harry or any of his friends, but they did satisfy the fans’ hunger for more stories from the universe. The Fantastic Beasts movie franchise answered so many questions fans had had about the magical creatures in the Harry Potter world.

# The many ‘What Ifs’

Potterheads love spending hours discussing hypothetical situations and theories. What if the Dursleys were caring and loving people? What if Snape didn’t become a double agent? What if Neville got the scar instead of Harry?

All of these what-ifs lead to so many fan-fictions. Even without any prequels and sequels, these fan fictions can quench the fans’ thirst for more stories for years.

# The lovable characters

Let’s start with Harry, the boy who was famous before he could talk yet crave a loving family. People just love seeing Harry grow in the series and how he finally experience a loving home with the Weasleys. Then there’s Ron, an insecure boy who’s loyal to his friends.

Millions love Hermione, the bossy and clever girl who always looks at things logically and strategically. She stays levelheaded during a crisis so the group won’t fall apart. Millions also love Neville and his growth from a weak little boy into a man that slain Nagini.

In addition, there’s Hagrid, Dumbledore, the initially-hated but finally-loved Snape, the Weasleys, and so much more.

Even Dudley arguably became a lovable character in the end. No one could’ve ever imagined that he never once considered Harry as a waste of space. The readers were as shocked as Harry when Dudley revealed the fact.

# Magic

Come on, admit it. You’ve tried chanting the spells from the book, haven’t you? From the harmless Wingardium Leviosa to the lethal Ava Kedavra. You’ve all picked a twig and point at your friends or at least imagined doing so.

We all know magic isn’t real, but it doesn’t take the fun away from imagining that it is.

# The wait

If you’re still waiting for the acceptance letter from Hogwarts, congratulations. You’re not alone in this. Millions of kids and adults are still waiting too.

Despite knowing that Hogwarts doesn’t exist, you can’t help but expecting an owl will swoop down and drop you a letter. People love to feel special. That one day an owl will come to prove that’s true is what millions of us are wishing for.

# The interconnected world

Rowling depicted the human and wizard world as one. Wizards and Muggles coexist without the latter knowing about the magical things around them. Kids can’t help but expecting wizards to roam the street dressing and businesspeople. To be frank, that one teacher that you thought a bit weird could very well be a wizard in disguise.

By the way,  are you planning a get-together with other Potterheads? If so you can make your home sound like Hogwarts to boost the mood. Go to and grab a couple of Harry Potter ambient sounds. You can pretend like you’re dining in the great hall or studying in the Ravenclaw common room.  It’s going to be fun.

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