Finding Peace in the City

The stress of living in a crowded city is no joke. The constant pressure to make money and perform well at work can wear down a person out senseless. Is it even possible to find happiness and peace when you live a hectic life in the city?

Of course, you can.

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It may take some time to see the positive effect, but if you do these five things, you can find a peaceful life even in the busiest cities of the world.

#1. Find some green

No, we’re not talking about making money. We’re talking about parks and gardens here. Even the busiest cities have some parks in them.

Green spaces can do wonders for your mood. Spending time in the grassy space can clear your head and make you feel more relax. Of course, you need to find a quiet park for it. If the park itself is bustling with people and their pets then chances are you won’t find any comfort there

#2. Spend some time to relax

Spending some quality time to just relax and wind down is a must when you want to keep your sanity. Get a good night’s sleep each night.  Take power naps whenever you can. 

You should also try to listen to calming ambient sounds when you’re on the commute. Grab a pair of noise-canceling headphones and play your favorite sounds. Some people love to listen to ASMR as those sounds tickle their brains and make them feel really good. Some prefer the sound of nature like the rain, wind, or flowing river. There are tons of great ambient sounds over at Grab one or two that suit your taste and play them when you need to chill.

#3. Eat well

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Everybody knows that. However, some people remain someone other than themselves even when they’re full. It turns out that what you eat affects your mood significantly.

A study has shown that eating eight portions of fruits and veggies can boost your mood similar to the feeling an unemployed person experiencing after landing a job.  It’s weird, right?

Be sure to steer clear from trans-fat, processed foods, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. Those four are bad for your journey toward a happy and peaceful life as they are considered risk factors for depression.

#4. Exercise

Doing exercise regularly has been proven to be effective to improve one’s well-being. Just two and a half hours of moderate-intensity exercise weekly is enough to keep you healthy and keep your stress level in check.

#5.  Put yourself first

If you want to have a peaceful life in the city, you need to make peace with the fact that you cannot please everybody. Spending your time to please everyone in the office will stress you out. It’s just not possible.

No, it’s not being selfish when you take time outs nor when you say NO to a colleague who asks for your help.  Each of us only has 24 hours a day to spend regardless of how hectic or boring our days are.  When you need to take a break, just do it.

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