Splatter Platters – The Teenage Tragedy Song

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If you have never heard about the music genre called splatter platters, we won’t blame you. This genre was popular in the late ‘50s up to early ‘60s. Your parents or grandparents are probably more acquainted with this genre more than you do.

What Is Splatter Platters Anyway?

Splatter platters songs revolve around the sorrow of losing loved ones. Uniquely, the lyrics mostly told the story from the viewpoint of the deceased or people who witnessed the passing.

Wayne Cochran’s Last Kiss was a popular song in this genre. The song told the all too common story of a car accident that took away the loved one of the songwriter. Youngins would definitely know this one as Pearl Jam did a great cover of it in 1999.

One can say that Last Kiss is the saddest song of the century. The refrain  “Oh Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be?” could pull back that terrible memory of losing the love of your life. Even when you cannot relate to the song, the lyric can make you stop and think. You’ll never know when it’s going to be you.

It’s All About Sadness And Tears Then?

Not really.  Try listening to All I Have Left is Johnny’s Hubcap. It’s a parody song about a boy whose girlfriend begged him not to drag race. Johnny raced anyway and left nothing but his hubcap for his girl. It’s a tragic story, but we can imagine some people smirk or even giggle listening to the lyrics.

Another famous parody was Surfin’ Tragedy from The Breakers. A surfer losing his life after hitting the pier at 40 mph was supposedly sad, right? Well, some kids these days just listen to it as just another summer song.

It’s All Over Now, Right?

Make no mistake. Even though the genre supposed to fade out in the early ‘60s, reiterations of the theme were still going to the 21st century. My Chemical Romance’s Helena comes to mind. Listening to this song gives some people sharp stabs on their chests. Some even interpret the song as a suicide pact gone wrong. In truth, the song was about the passing of Gerard Way’s and Mikey Way’s grandmother. Doesn’t make the song any less sad to hear though.

Anyway, if you’re the type of person who cannot be happy unless you’re miserable, we suggest listening to some summer tune. Summer is the time for sunshine and beaches. It’s no time to stay cooped up in your room, mellowing about your breakup or other sad things. Try to cheer up even just a little.

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