Music And The Effects It Has From Advertising

Music And The Effects It Has From Advertising
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It is very hard to watch or hear any commercial or form of advertisement that does not contain some form of music in it. The reason for this is because music is very important when it comes to ads. Many commercials went on to become very popular and instant hits due to the music within the ad.


But how does music affect advertising? Better yet, can a form of music in an ad have a different affect on us based on the genre of the music? According to research and studies done on the subject, the answer is yes.






Emotional Reactions To Commercials

When it comes to emotional reactions to products being advertised, people have different reactions to them. If the add has classical, jazz, dance or swing music as a background, the effects are different. The research that came to this conclusion was performed by the University of the Basque Country. In that study, the effect of emotional reactions and the memories people had were analyzed. These were documented based on whatever music was used in the commercial.


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In addition to this research, there was also another study carried out by North Carolina University. The way themes could emotionally resonate with those watching the ads was examined. In that study, both the music and lyrics in the ad ended up having an impact on the consumer.


Rhythms And Memory In Ads

The power of memory and melody combined to make a strong point for music in commercials. Ads that had the right song, the right music and lyrics, performed very well in all areas with potential consumers. Furthermore, the positive message from the music also induced positive moods with those that watched the ads. The studies proved what many people already know about the positive effects music can have. Music can greatly assist in enforcing evolutionary and voluntary emotions in people. These emotions, then turn to memories and cause consumers to think positive of the product.

Advertisers know that using the right song in a commercial can mean success for them in several areas. For one, those watching the ad will want to actually view the commercial. Secondly, the consumer will be so engrossed by the music, that they in turn forget they are being advertised to. Lastly, the commercial can even end up becoming very popular due to the song or music. Case in point is the popularity of several commercials in the social media world. Numerous commercials have had some songs or the music on them. The commercials then went on to become hugely popular. In those cases, people share these ads via YouTube videos or other social media outlets. The advertisers ended up getting free advertisement for their products without spending an extra dime. That is the best kind of result any advertising agency or product being sold can hope for.


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Great Music In Commercials Is A Good Thing

It is no doubt that music in advertising is very important these days. The emotions music in ads can trigger often end up having a huge impact on the viewer and listener. The impact and role music plays in advertising will continue to change. It also means that advertisers will use music in their ads to touch our emotions and leave a memory of that ad behind. In the end, it is much better for consumers to enjoy an ad with music as opposed to the alternative. Since most of us have to watch commercials anyway, we might as well enjoy the ones we watch because of the music.

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