Using Ambient Music to Get Kids to Sleep

Soothing ambient music for chidlren bedtime
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Trying to get your kids to sleep on time is a battle parents have known too well. Even when they look absolutely drowsy, kids will blatantly deny that they’re sleepy.

Among the many methods parents use to get their children to bed, singing and playing music in the background are two of the most effective ones. You can go with lullabies or soothing ambient music of all kinds.

Will music help my child sleep better?

Yes. Playing music creates a relaxing environment for your child. The feelings of comfort and security act as triggers to let them know that it’s time to get some rest.

The slow rhythm and tempo of bedtime music slows children’s heartbeat and calms their breath. The slow and comforting rhythm also less likely to trigger your child’s threat response. It gives them the feeling of security and safety.

Is it OK to leave the music on all night?

Some kids fell asleep only when there’s music on the background. As soon the music off, they’re suddenly wide awake. In such a case it’s OK to let the music on throughout the night. There’s no harm in letting them hear music all night long as long as you keep the volume at a reasonable level.

In the long run try to turn on the music only when your child is about to go to bed. This will help your child to sleep without the need for music.

Some kids develop sleep association with music. While it’s not bad in itself, sleep association can become a habit that’s hard to break. If you stumble into a situation when you can’t play the music they already accustomed to, getting them to bed can be tough.

What are the health benefits of playing music during bedtime?

You got it wrong here. It’s not the music that has health benefits but the sleep itself. Music is just a tool to ensure your children get quality sleep. That quality sleep is the one that eases your kids’ nervous system and reduces anxiety by lowering the level of cortisol hormone.

A good night sleep also lowers the risk of obesity. Numerous studies have found the link between too little sleep and being overweight. While most of them are observational studies, the results do suggests the relation between sleep duration and bodyweight.

Which ambient music is the most effective?

There’s no definite answer about which type of ambient music is the most effective in sending kids to dream land. Just pick the ones with slow tempo and has natural elements in it. You can try playing the sound of nature such as the rain, flowing river, or the waves on a beach.

Avoid ambiance with strong kicks like the sound of thunder. It may jolt the kids wide awake and then you’ll have to start everything from zero.

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