The Sound Of Green

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Ah yes, the sound of rain on a tin roof, of a flock of birds overhead, a city that never sleeps, the color green, …

What? Colors do not make sounds, we hear you say. And sure enough, sitting in front of a bucket of paint will not do much with regards to audible pleasure.

But what if we tell you that there is a way to listen to colors. At least kind of.

What Does Green Sound Like?

You can not listen to a color directly. But you can listen to anything that reminds you of this color, in our case GREEN.

So, what comes to mind when you think of the color green?

Nature Sounds

Trees, grass, leaves, foliage – especially during spring, green is the most dominant color in nature around us. No matter if forests, meadows, gardens, nature certainly features some of the richest green shades known.

In reverse, sounds of nature should make you feel – or well, listen to – green.

Sounds Of Frogs

Typically, frogs are also associated with the color green, at the very least to the very famous frog-slash-Muppet Kermit. Thus, let’s use them for our cause as well.

A creek or pond during an early morning, a rainy day or a warm night, filled with crickets and – you guessed it – the croaking of frogs. We can certainly hear some shades of green in these.

Sounds Of Birds

Many birds also sport the color green, mostly to blend in with the foliage of their environment to hide from predators. Especially some kinds of parrots and parakeets can be very vibrantly colored.

What do you think, do some of these jungle sound mixes make you think of bright red, blue or green parrots?

Green Birds
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Healing Sounds

We have touched on this in the nature sounds section as well, but herbs are also mostly green, at least the leafier ones. This suggests that “healing” sounds, like from a witch’s hut or an apothecary, also are linked to this lush color.

Sounds From A Tea Room

This is also closely related to a leafy plant: green tea. We have explored the effects of coffee shop ambiences in the past. If you like less caffeine in your hot beverage, a tea room or teahouse might be more to your taste.

Green Tea
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