Background Music And Sounds For Cooking


For some, it’s a bare necessity, for some a hobby, and some turn it into art; cooking. If you regard cooking as a dreadful task you need to perform in order to have dinner, there is one great way to make it easier for you. Likewise, if you enjoy cooking, we know a way to make the experience even better!

It can be complicated to combine two things you like (or have to do), but that is not the case with cooking and music. Thus, when you find yourself in the kitchen the next time – whether willingly or because you have to – tune up some great music and “groove along” while you whittle, chop, and sizzle.

Of course, we also have some suggestions for you what to tune up when cooking.

Great Background Sounds For Cooking

Relaxing Music

Some say that cooking can be a quite meditative act. You can concentrate on your tasks at hand, clear your mind while busy cleaning and preparing your ingredients, and even take a short breather while you wait for your oven to preheat or the water to boil.

If you perceive cooking as a nuisance or regard it as a task that should calm you and get you down from your higher stress levels during the day, tune up some relaxing music while cooking. It will make a dreaded task easier and less annoying for you and turn your “down time” into a relaxing and more tranquil experience.

Culinary Adventures From Other Countries

This most probably applies to you passionate cooks more than to those that regard standing in the kitchen as a necessary evil. If you like to cook, you are more likely to venture into realms of the cook book sections you normally wouldn’t enter. And this rewards you with thousands of culinary adventures from more or less exotic countries.

Image by Alice_Alphabet

When trying out new receipts from other countries, the best possible background sounds are songs and music from the respective country, of course. It doesn’t matter if you try something Italian, Mexican, African, Indian, or maybe Chinese. With the right ambient music in the background, you will instantly get an even better feel of the culture and vibe of the country you are taking a culinary trip to.

Here are some nice ambient noise backgrounds for the different countries:

Preparing A Holiday Feast

Cooking under normal circumstances can be either a joy or a dread to you already. Cooking for the holidays can either double the fun or the horror. For both possibilities, there is the right treatment: blast some holiday music!

Yet, Jingle Bells or other Christmas Songs can become very annoying, especially if you have to listen to them during the whole winter. And it’s not different with certain tunes for holidays like Halloween either. Thus, why don’t you try some festive ambient noise background tracks:


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