Feeling Homesick? Try this!

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In an earlier blog article we have talked about fernweh, the yearning and aching for far away places. But the opposite exists as well: homesickness. Feeling homesick often overcomes you while travelling, working or studying abroad. But even when you only moved to another city or state, you can feel homesick for and to the place of your childhood. The nostalgia of the days that were and the locations linked to it.

Both fernweh and homesickness (the Germans have the corresponding word “heimweh” for this), are no feelings we like to have. And sadly, there is not much we can do against them if we don’t have the possibility to jump in a car or plane and just go where our heart is longing for. But we can help you at least a little bit!


Don’t Feel Homesick With These Tips

One of our Ambient-Mixer.com users created mixes to which they wrote “Inspired by the sounds outside my home growing up in the spring”. Whether sunnybaker was plagued by homesickness or not while creating their ambient mixes is not known, but they surely created a place to re-visit their childhood home. And you can do so too.

On Ambient-Mixer.com you can find many different audio atmospheres of city apartments, rural areas, different states and even foreign countries. Maybe one of those is able to re-create a memory for you, from home, your childhood, from days past and long gone but fondly remembered.

If searching for your home state or country did not get you a result that you feel “home” in, you can always create something yourself. Ambient-Mixer user miselaine, for example, created this atmosphere for the “best home in the world“. Likewise, user Izza created this atmosphere of living at home when they felt homesick one day. So why wouldn’t you?

Don’t let the homesickness get to you. Until you can go and see your home or childhood home again, try to get distracted by these atmospheric ambient mixes.


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