Why Do We Listen To Sad Music When We Are Sad?

Image By: https://unsplash.com/@justinveenema

Different people cope with sadness differently. Some listen to sad music to make them feel better and some prefer to listen to happy songs. But why do the former prefer sad song? Isn’t that supposed to make them feel worse?

Let it all out

The thing about sadness is you need to let it out. Sometimes you need to let it all out. That’s what sad song does. It’s an outlet for the stream of emotion that would otherwise drown us.  Sad music fans our sadness and drains our tears until we have nothing left. It’s a lot easier to move on when you can’t feel sad anymore

Misery loves company

This proverb was originally written in Latin as “Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris.” The literal meaning is “To the unhappy, it is a comfort to have had company in misery.”

Now you know why some people love to listen to sad songs when they’re feeling unhappy. It’s like having a friend sitting there with you and feeling miserable together.

Sad people just want to listen to the songs that express their emotions. The relatable lyrics let them know they’re not alone. It’s like having the singer there to share the sadness. Don’t you love it when someone is there with you to give you moral support when life gets you down?

One size does NOT fit all

With everything said above, not everyone likes listening to sad songs when they’re down. Some choose to fight and bury it with upbeat happy songs. The last thing they want is more negativity. That’s just the way things are. Some want to hug sadness and some want to punch it on the nose.


Pro Tip: Don’t turn on sad music 24/7 when you’re feeling down. One or two hours a day is fine but slowly add happier tunes too. It’s gradual, but it can lift your mood after a while and you won’t need the moral support of sad music anymore.


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