Adding Sports Sounds for Videos

How many times do you hear about something that someone else did that turned out fantastic and makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”

sports sounds
Image by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

In this post, we’re talking about one of those things – adding sports sounds to your videos.

When you see a video one of your friends put up on Facebook or YouTube, and took the time to actually finish it with background music, it looks fantastic. You wonder how they had all the time to do it.

The reality is that it doesn’t really take that long to make your video stand out. You just need to have the right resources, and the right ideas, to make your videos look and sound fantastic.

Types of Videos

Since just about everyone with a phone has the ability to record videos, more and more people are taking advantage of this and recording moments out of everyday life. Sometimes those videos can end up on YouTube and other times, people just post them on Facebook and other social networks to share with their friends and family. Of course, you never know when a short, simple video you record for fun might blow up and become the next viral hit and make you a national sensation.

Types of Videos That Need Sports Music

There is something about the sound or a large, cheering crowd that makes just about everything better. Here are just a few types of videos that people make that can be improved a great deal by the sounds of a crowd, either cheering them on or celebrating an accomplishment.

One of the most popular types of videos that people share is videos of their kids taking part in their competitions. Everyone wants to share the success of their kids and those videos can be made much better if you add the sounds of a large crowd cheering them on.

The same holds true if you are an adult who still participates in sports. This could be a brief video of a recreation league you play in, video from a race you just completed, or even video taken from the driveway while you’re shooting hoops. Your friends will enjoy the video much more if you add sports sounds to it.

The types of videos that can be enhanced by adding sports sounds to it are pretty clearly, those that involve athletic competition of some kind. However, there are many other types of events that you should also consider.

If you are distributing a video that shows someone doing something triumphant, the video can be made better by adding sports sounds to it. This can include something like building a deck, cutting down a tree or even something as simple as cleaning the house. If it is an accomplishment you want to celebrate in your video, add some sports sounds to it in order to make it an event.

The other type of video that you should consider adding sports sounds to involve those that are celebrating something. Imagine distributing a video of a birthday celebration, a graduation announcement or a promotion that includes the background sports sounds of a cheering crowd.

Adding sports sounds to all of these types of videos is a great way to make the videos more interesting and to make your videos stand out and get noticed.

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