How The Combination Of Music And Videos Changed Us

Ambient Mixer - How The Combination Of Music And Videos Changed Us
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If there has been a combination of two things which have changed our lives, it is music and videos combined together. Here, we explore how the combination of music and videos changed us and how we watch and listen to music. Whether it is in advertising, artists promoting their songs or simply to let users see and hear their favorite tunes, music and videos are perfect for one another.





The Evolution Of Music And Video


It is hard to believe how far music videos have evolved the past decade. In the early 50’s, people who wanted to watch music groups performing had to either go to a live concert or watch it on TV shows. Programs like the Ed Sullivan show were the place to see the hottest and latest groups perform their hit songs. Of course it would be many years later before MTV actually came on the scene. MTV was the first TV program totally dedicated to playing music videos all day. At first, many people laughed at the idea and ridiculed it as a waste of time and money. They argued that no one would actually waste their time wanting to watch music videos on TV all day. However, when an artist named Michael Jackson came out with his record breaking album “Thriller”, he changed the music video concept completely. He spent millions making his Thriller video and it instantly became a success. The video broke numerous records and even won Michael Jackson a Grammy. MTV became a huge hit as other artists all wanted to be on MTV and make a great video. Within a few years, MTV was one of the most watched cable channels in America. A short time later, other channels such as VH1  strictly catering to music videos were created as well. Because of channels such as MTV and VH1, the entire music industry was changed as well.


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YouTube Changed The Game


After MTV became so popular, they soon began to focus their programing on more than just playing music videos all day. Years later, YouTube was created as way for users to upload all kinds of videos of themselves or about anything. At first, YouTube was mostly used for people sharing their personal videos with the rest of the world. However, many musical artist began uploading their songs and talents on the video site and things changed dramatically. Numerous artists soon began to make a substantial amount of money as they gained followers (subscribers) and views. Once other artists and everyone noticed how much money could be made simply by posting music videos, they all began sharing them as well. Performers such as Adele, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry all have music videos with over 1 Billion views which are staggering numbers. Music and videos together are now a way of life for us. Now instead of just listening to our favorite songs, we can watch and listen to them as well. Having videos added to a song gives users that much more to enjoy.


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The way we watch TV has now changed completely due to music and videos being combined together. Even commercials have gained an awful lot from the combination as well. These days, most ads are created with catchy tunes to accompany them as background.

So the next time you watch a music video, remember just how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the combination of both of them now.


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