The Colors Of Summer

Colors of Summer
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Summer is the season where all colors seem more vibrant, saturated and strong. Especially when hit by the warming sun, colors like yellow, green, blue, pink just pop a bit more. But what are the “true” colors of summer? We took a look at nature and different summer activities to bring you a selection of typically “summery” colors – alongside with their meaning and effects.


What Are the Colors Of Summertime?

Following are five shades oand colors of summer that we found most prominent in nature photography or popular pictures of a good time during the hot months of the year.


Yellow – As Bright As The Sun

Yellow is one of the brightest colors. It expresses happiness, high energy, warmth. It’s the color of the sun and many flowers mirror this rich color down on earth.

Yellow is known for sparking creativity in you. Furthermore, it fosters and improves decision-making processes, especially in a creative way. Being confronted with yellow is known for unclogging your thoughts and a full mind, helping you to see more clearly.



White – Pure And Bright

White is the lightest color of them all. Technically, it is all colors at once. It stands for purity, innocence, and new beginnings, hence why it is used as a funeral color in many cultures that see death as the beginning of something new. White appears clean, hygienic, and neutral.

While white might seem sterile and impersonal when exposed to a lot of it, it is also an inspirational color. It helps in feeling neutral and refreshed and inspires to seek new ways to look at things.



Ochre – Nostalgia At Its Finest

Ochre is a warm and rich shade of brown. It’s the color of earth and clay and with the sun shining brightly on a summer evening, usually almost white beaches take on this warm and lush color.

As many brown and orange shades, ochre expresses happiness and makes you feel warm. Furthermore, it’s not seen as dirty, unlike brown, but rather nostalgic. Think of old, sepia photographs and the paintings of early civilizations.



Blue – Cool On A Hot Summer Day

So many shades of blue can be found throughout the summer!

  • It’s in the soft baby blue of the sky
  • the deep aquamarine of the deep oceans
  • the rich teal of clashing beach waves

Blue is a color of integrity and trust, of honesty and authority. It was once the rarest of colors, reserved for religious paintings in books or the color of the robes of kings and queens – alongside purple.

As being one of the most universally liked colors, blue helps during conflicts to lead a peaceful conversation. It’s a stable color that symbolizes order, planning, and unyieldingness. If you need a calm place that’s not affected by change, think of the color blue. Alongside teal, turquoise, and aquamarine, blue helps you to stay calm and in control.



Orange – Let’s Go On An Adventure

Orange, the color of refreshing fruit and hot summer evenings. Once this color spreads across the sky it’s time to light up the bonfire or campfire and gather with your friends.

This color usually represents adventure and optimism alongside with cheerfulness. It’s an overall energetic and outgoing color that sparks enthusiasm and courage and can function as a last boost in order to take a risk or go on an adventure.


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