Start Energetic Into The New Year

New Year
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2016 will be Your year!

In this first blog article of the new year, we want to help you to start into 2016 energetic and motivated. No matter if you tune in using the Ambient-Mixer mobile app, our website or ambient mixes you downloaded to play on your stereo: we have the right background music to make your start of the year as dynamic and spirited as possible.


To get you into the right spirit to tackle task you have dragged into the new year or to motivate you to start a long-anticipated project, we have put together a list of ambient noise mixes that will boost your enthusiasm. Whether you are striving for a new start or are determined to follow the path that worked out great for you in the last year: we have the perfect soundtrack for you!


Energetic Music For Your Start Into The New Year

Chilled Caffeinated CacophonyEnergizing Ambience

Electronic loops that at once clash and please. Steady beats and stimulating tones make this mix energizing rather than relaxing. This blend creates a calm and focused mind, perfect for work or study.

BabylonSunrise Over Babylon

Step onto a rocky outcrop and watch as the shadows around you resolve into clarity. The gray predawn light begins to soften as the sun rises above the horizon, its light a burnt orange through the dusty air. Look down, past the fields of young barley to the Great River Euphrates. Follow its course as it bisects the warm brown stone of Babylon. It feels as if the city itself were awakening as the yellow and mud red dwellings glow with the sunlight while an energetic wind stirs up billows of dust through the streets. Its citizens too are coming to life and you know that within a few hours the city will be bustling with activity. In this moment, before the noisy crowds, before the sun bleaches the landscape, before the Euphrates turns a murky brown, it is beautiful. In this moment, it feels like a new beginning.

Drone OrchestraDrone Orchestra

Create a vision of your own through sound. Absorb yourself in a vinyl, featuring two different sides of the wonderfully ethereal drone orchestra. Beginning with a gentle flow of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic intensity, the composition increases to an equally mesmerizing portentous collage of mystical, eerily beautiful denouement of percussions. The perfect resonance of fine drone violins, bass, epic orchestral drums and gongs, simply leave you feeling complete. The blend of music has such a different effect on you, introducing you to a dark, yet energetic and enchanting atmosphere. The unique strings and tuning give drone orchestra an edge like no other. Layers of the gentle harmonic flow yawn and stretch over the course, which slowly envelopes you into a mist.

This atmosphere offers you the chance to experience a different new world of orchestra music. You also have the benefit of mixing and creating your own drone orchestra sounds. Come explore an enchanting orchestral flavour of enigmatic ambient music.

Summer GardenSummer Garden

Energize yourself in warm sunny day in your garden. Close your eyes and listen its sounds.

Count Falling StarsWalking On Stars

Relax in the beautiful cosmic stratosphere. All alone and surrounded by the stars!

Central ParkCentral Park

Central Park, at the very green heart of New York City, is one of the most inspiring combinations of architecture, landscape design and urban planning to be found anywhere on the face of the earth. It ranks as a symbol of New York City only behind the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Unlike these two, however, Central Park is dynamic, vibrant; a perpetually changing counterpoint to the brilliant, but static, architectural achievements that surround it. Central Park breathes. It provides a respite from the struggles that have produced the amazing city that surrounds it. It is a place to reflect, to sigh deeply and feel good about it, to let the tension ebb and allow the strictures and pressures of metropolitan enterprise loosen and unwind.

These are some of my favorite, energizing and uplifting ambient mixes. Did you find more or make one yourself? Share it with us in the comments! 🙂


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