What Is It Like to Live in the Wild?

Moving away from the hectic urban living is the dream of many millennials. Dropping out of society seems like a good idea when all your waking hours is nothing but a race of completing deadlines and chasing goals. Indeed, living wild is the chosen alternative lifestyle for some. But what does it really like to be out there?

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What Is It Like to Live in the Wilderness?

Firstly, it’s going to be quiet. Occasionally, you can hear wild animals communicating, but as far as human voice goes, you’re left alone with your own thought.

The silence in the wild can play tricks on you. You see, the brain is always busy trying to make sense of the world around us. When your surrounding is too quiet, you may hear things that aren’t there. You’re minding your own business and suddenly hear someone calling out your name. The way your brain plays tricks on you using audio hallucinations could trim your sanity gradually until you can no longer bear it.

Another thing you’ll soon realize is that it’s cold out there. Don’t expect mother nature to be lenient on you just because you’re not accustomed to the way of the wild. It will get cold at night especially once Fall kicks in. You can’t just turn up the thermostat when your body starts to shiver too. Layers and layers of blankets are your ultimate weapon against the freezing cold.

Don’t expect things to be free from routine too. Your days will consist of the followings:

– gathering food

– cleaning yourself and clothes up down the stream,

– chopping woods and collecting branches for fire

– making stuff work and fixing stuff that no longer work

Those are just the basic routine. Your own routine will most likely follow a different pattern.

“That sounds like a lot of work…”

It does, doesn’t it? Are you absolutely sure you have what it takes? Remember, not everyone is made to live in solitude. Perhaps you’re one of them and all you need are short breaks from the routine to fuel you up.

When you crave the wilderness just bring the wild into the city! Well, at least the ambiance. You can play wilderness ambiance while you’re working in the office or relaxing in the living room.

“Nope. I want to live in the wild. I’m sure of that.”

OK, then you have mountains of preparation to do. First thing first, where are you going to stay? You can’t just move into a forest, chopped down some trees, and build a cabin. In some states in the US, you are allowed to live on public land, but you can only live in tents. In addition, you have to move your location every 4 weeks. The detailed rules will vary from one state to another, so you better start your homework and find out what rules apply in your location.

Secondly, do you have the skill to survive out there?

Outdoor skill is a must if you want to thrive in the wilderness. It would be wise to seek out a mentor, someone who has the experience to share. Read books about outdoor living. Learn which plants are edible and which are poisonous. Learn how to hunt, fish, and skin. Watch Youtube videos about building and working with primitive technologies. Be sure to practice a lot in the comfort of your backyard. If you can’t even put up a tent and kindle an open fire, you won’t stand a chance in the wilderness.

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