How to Beat the Winter Blahs

beat the winter blahs
Image by Ashley Coombs

The month of February is a unique time of year.  We still have the cold temperatures, snow and ice of the wintertime, however spring is in sight. At this point, we’re tired of the winter season and are very much looking forward to the warmer weather that is soon to arrive. However, sometimes just knowing that warmer temperatures are just around the corner isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a little help to beat the winter blah’s.


If you really want to change your mindset, you can actually change the atmosphere of your home when you listen to this music inspired by the summer seasons. For the afternoon, turn on all the lights and pretend you’re out in the bright sunshine, turn up he heat and spend the day at home in your shorts and a t-shirt.



One of the best ways to beat the winter blahs is to transport yourself to the beach. These great tracks from the beach can put you in the frame of mind to remember (or look forward to) your favorite beach vacation. However, it can also take you to a great day trip to a local lake.


Great beach music doesn’t always have to be about being in the water though. Sometimes a great party at the beach can happen after the sun goes down, or even in the spring and fall when you still need to wear long sleeves. But thoughts of those camp fires by the water still help you beat the winter blahs because you get to think about spending some quality time outside.



Listening to music that takes you close to the water is one way to beat the winter blahs, but it isn’t the only one.  There are also many other types of music that have the feeling of being outside that don’t have anything to do with being near the water.


Ambient tracks inspired by the sun can give you the feeling of a great family picnic at your local park or a BBQ in your back yard for your neighbors and friends/


Other Locations

You can also beat the winter blahs by playing ambient music tracks of some of your other outdoor places. You can visit big cities anytime of year, but those trips are especially memorable when you go during the nicer weather when you can really get outside and enjoy everything the city has to offer.


By the same token, you can also beat the winter blahs by playing some ambient music that transports you to the countryside.  This can help you think about simply roaming through the countryside on a nice spring or summer day.


Baseball Games

Another great way to beat the winters blahs is to play music that takes you away to the great sounds of warm weather sports, like baseball.  While these tracks aren’t specific to baseball, they will still help get you through the tough winter months by giving you the atmosphere of a great sports event. To supercharge the experience, you can also find the sounds of a baseball being hit and add that noise to your favorite tracks to complete the experience.

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