7 Morning Routines to Start Your Day

When you got so much to do, and yet your body just doesn’t seem like it wants to do your bidding, you need to come up with a morning routine to get things rolling.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 7 morning routine ideas that can surely help you to become more alert and productive in the morning and the rest of the day.

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 #1. Start with melodic alarm

Nobody likes the beeping sound of an alarm, and science has proven that such sound is no help for you in the morning. Scientists recommend using a melodic sound to help you feel more awake in the morning.

You can also experiment with the melody of nature to replace the beeping. Try the sound of chirping birds, river streams, raindrops, or even crickets.

#2. Stretch

You don’t need to stretch so hard you get cramps. Just do light stretches on your neck, shoulder, torso, hamstring, back, hip, and thigh. It takes no more than five minutes but you’ll be rewarded with improved blood flow, energy boost, and better range of motion.

#3. Cuddle

Hey, even if it’s a busy day, everyone deserves a morning cuddle. Why rush getting up from bed if you can cuddle for five to ten minutes and strengthen the bond with your loved one. FYI, cuddling also releases oxytocin, the hormone often called “the love drug”. That should be good enough reason, huh?

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#4. Eat a healthy breakfast

Moving about with an empty stomach is no fun, but that doesn’t mean you should chomp up just about anything just to fill your tummy. Treat yourself with a breakfast covering all the essentials like protein, complex carbohydrates, and the good kind of fats.

#5. Take a cold shower

While a warm shower in the morning sounds nice, it’s not the best choice. A warm shower is for when you want to relax and about to go to bed. A cold shower is better in the morning since it will make your body feel more alert.

If you think you can’t handle a cold shower in the morning, just start with room temp at first. Switch to cold every 20 seconds or so and switch back to room temp before you shiver.

#6. Update your journal

OK, so not many people even think about wring down their plans for the day in a journal. However, journaling is a great way to structure your day. In addition to listing what you want to do, also write how you feel about them and what your thoughts.  With a journal at hand, it’s easy to schedule or reschedule your day so things won’t get forgotten later.

#7. Listen to music

Since you already started your day with a nice melody why not pump it up further with your own morning playlist, right? Since people have different tastes in music, your perfect playlist may not remotely resemble other people’s, and that’s alright. Just mix and shuffle the ones that make perfect sense to you.

So, what’s your idea of the best morning routines? Write your tips on the comment section and let the world knows so everyone can have a great morning.

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