Noise Generator For Hot Summer Nights

Noise Generator for Summer Nights
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Sometimes, hot summer nights are not really in favor of our sleep. High temperatures, loud traffic through the open window, or a head full of thoughts can make a summer night an uncomfortably sleepless one.

A noise generator can help out with some of the issues you might be experiencing during hot or not-so-hot summer nights. Check it out.


Ambient Mixer – Noise Generator

Ambient noises can help you to drown out noises that keep you from falling asleep. Especially during the hot summer months, an open window at night provides us with the oxygen and gusts of wind we need to cool down. Unfortunately, it also lets in more noise, may it be traffic or people being out late at night.

The following different kinds of ambient soundscapes do not only drown out distracting noises but can create a more relaxed atmosphere for sleeping as well.


Beach Atmosphere

What do we associate with summer? Heat or at least warmth. Ice cream. Vacations and not having to work or go to school. And, of course, the beach!

Unfortunately, not many of us live near a beach or can go on vacation every year. And even if, the sand, getting sunburnt and having so many sun worshippers to share the beach with, often spoils the fun. Thus, why not take the beach and bring it to your home!

On one hand, of course, the sound of crashing waves and creaking boats can mask other noises that prevent you from falling asleep. On the other hand, a calming beach atmosphere can provide a nice background for concentration, whether you need to study, want to write or read something.

More? Read up here: Uses of Beach & Water Ambient Noise


Winter & Snow

Winter Sounds
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If it’s too warm out, you can just hide inside where the AC is running. When the sun blaring into your face is still making you break out in sweat, maybe it’s time to invite winter in a bit earlier. Maybe the sounds and images of the colder seasons are what can cool you down a bit more in this hot weather. For this, Ambient Mixer’s noise generator provides many snowy or stormy atmospheres you can choose from – or you create your very own.


Fan Noises

In an earlier article, we explored how fans and particularly the noise of a running ventilator can help you to find some sleep at night. It falls under the general topic of background noise drowning out unwanted noises or simply providing a soothing background to fall asleep to.

If your fan is too silent, you don’t have one, or you want to read up on the benefits of a fan noise generator, check out our earlier article: Fan Sounds To Sleep To


Summer Nights

Summer is not quite how you expected? It’s neither warm nor romantic out, but instead, it’s wet, cold, and overall unfriendly out. But summer should be summer, should it not? Well, then get the summer feeling for your own home.

The noise generator from Ambient Mixer offers many summerly atmospheres. From days at the beach (see above) to mild summer nights, bring warmth and the sounds of crickets to you when the weather is not on your side. Check out, for example:


Rain Sounds

Have you ever wondered what makes rain sounds so relaxing? Even if not, just take our word here that they have the ability to make you feel more relaxed and can even help you concentrate. In summer, at least for the most time, rain is a rare sight. If you too need some rainy mood or stormy atmosphere to get in the mood for writing, reading or to stay concentrated in general, you should try to compensate with rain sounds.

Rain Sounds
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